Moving from SOAP to REST

Thursday, 05 Jul 2018

Over the past 12 months we have developed a new RESTful API service to improve the performance and quality of the integrations offered to our customers.

A number of our users have moved across to the new service and as such we will be removing the SOAP API service towards the end of 2018.

WhosOff is committed to supporting the SOAP API version until the end of November 2018. In order to improve the quality and performance of the API service, the SOAP API will cease to exist after this point.

What next?

If you are using the SOAP service to interact with WhosOff, you will need to adjust your integration(s) to work with the new RESTful service before the November 2018 deadline.

To see the online documentation and check out the RESTful calls that can be made, visit

If you have any questions regarding the API service, please feel free to drop an email to

Do I need new account or authentication credentials?

No, if you have registered for the SOAP service your API Key and IP addresses are already set to work with the new service.

Should we have been notified of this decision?

Any customer who currently integrates with our API services will have received communication, this will be in the form of an email and would have been sent to the developer marked on your account.

By Tony Bushell

Title: Moving from SOAP to REST
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