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General features

Remote access

WhosOff is available 24/7 from any computer that has an internet connection and from apps for iPhone and Android (BlackBerry due for release soon).

Basic overtime reporting

Allows staff members to record their overtime/working time and for super users to get access to these reports between date ranges.

Yearly Reporting

Approvers and Super Users are able to access a number of reports based on date ranges and staff members, giving detailed information on the past as well as the future.


Most of the reports available have the option to export the results to a .csv file to enable you to download and use the data in your own manual procedures.

Calendar Feeds

Super Users can setup calendar feeds for staff members, departments or the whole company and set who has access to these feeds. All feeds can be subscribed to using Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 or Google Calendars.

Company Alerting

Alerts can be setup within WhosOff for a particular department or company wide, there is also a tool to send out alerts via email to the selected department(s).

In depth info

In depth information about staff members' leave is available on most screens detailing leave days, working days and affected allowance days.

Corporate Branding

For a little extra per month, your corporate branding can be applied to the WhosOff interface making the application seem like it's part of your businesses infrastructure.

Text Only

Whether you prefer text only or html emails, with WhosOff you can set your preference.

Default Department

Select which of the departments in your company you want to view when you first login to WhosOff.

Leave requests

Faster response

Each leave request that is entered within WhosOff is presented to approvers with as much information as required to make an informed decision about the staff member in question.

Auto Approval

When managing your own leave types, you can specify which leave is automatically approved and processed by the system (if any), instead of having some approve every "leave type" request.

Policy features

Leave Restrictions

WhosOff allows you to setup restrictions between staff members where by a member of staff cannot clash leave with another member of staff.

Custom Leave Types

You manage your own leave types, setting whether they require approval, affect allowance time, who they are available to, and who they are seen by on reports.

Sick Leave

You can setup your own leave type for Sick Leave, allow staff members to report another staff member off (up to 1 day max) and set who can see this leave type.

Public Holidays / Restricted Days

These can be set at department or company level depending on whether your employees are based in one country. The system can also be set to restrict staff members from booking certain days of the year off.

Additional Notifiers

As well as an approver, each staff member can be set to have two additional notifiers, these notifiers do not control their leave requests they are simply copied in on any requests that are made by the staff member and subsequent denials or approvals that are made within WhosOff.

Restricted Views

Your system can be setup to restrict what staff members can see, either the whole company or leave within their department only, giving you the option of keeping your departments seperate from one another.


Working Week

Part-time staff can be managed as well as full time by setting up the staff members working week

Staffing Notes

Notes are kept within the system of activity surrounding staff members, allowing Super Users the access to track history on a particular staff member.

Yearly Carryover

If your company allows staff members to carry leave from one year to the next, there are procedures to handle how much leave staff members can carry and also a yearly carryover tool to help handle the carryover process.

Yearly Calendar View

A yearly calendar is available for each staff member on the system allowing a quick overview of the current year, the year ahead, or the year just passed.

Did we miss something?

If there is a feature that your company requires why not contact our support team who will let you know if a) the feature already exists, or b) whether we can plan to make this a feature within WhosOff.

23% reduction in sick leave

WhosOff has to date recorded more than 23.4 million sick records, helping companies monitor their sick leave with a view to reducing unnecessary sick days.

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14.3+ million holidays

With summer getaways most popular at this time of year, WhosOff has been integral to managing staff leave requests for businesses around the globe.

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1.12 million business decisions

With the flexibility of WhosOff, companies are tracking important meetings and out-of-office times through the application.

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Autumn updates including new Help UI , Bulk Change Departments, Self Service and Overtime details

As part of our continuous development programme, we have released a number of updates to the WhosOff platform.

Free branding available to all WhosOff companies

To coincide with the launch of our new mobile apps, we have made branding FREE

WhosOff to release new HR module

Following the call from our customers over the past 6 to 18 months we have been working hard to introduce the first release of a HR module within WhosOff.

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