Being second is no longer 'second best'

Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

Hi my name is 2 - You`ve probably heard of me, but not so long ago I used to be just another single digit, the second best, just number two, you would n`t even have looked at me twice, am I right?

In the old days everybody just knew about number 1, wanted to be number one, the first, the one and only, the `numero uno` and for me and the rest of the guys..well, we never got a look in...

How things have changed! - now its my turn - everybody`s talking about me ! Number 2 ...ok...I`ve got `point zero` tagging along but wow! its great ! Number 3 is soooo jealous - anyway I expect his turn will come.

But for now, its me in the spot-light 2.0 , I`m the belle of the ball 2.0, in fact anything 2.0 is the biggest, bestest thing...ever...

Just add me after any noun, yes any noun, and it`ll be appearing all over the web 2.0 in a jumping-jack-flash 2.0 second... how about Pizza 2.0 ? or Drawing Pin 2.0 ? or even Teapot 2.0 ?...Sounds great doesn`t it ?

Is it just a 2.0 buzzword or am I really going to be on top of the World 2.0 ? How long will it last and is number 3 coming over hill 2.0 ?

Watch this space 2.0

By WhosOff support team

Title: Being second is no longer 'second best'
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