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Whether your company is based in the UK and you want to manage staff holiday or you are based in the US and want to manage Paid Time Off, or even both, the flexibility of WhosOff allows you to bring your own company staffing policies to a system where your employees can plan their leave around your company calendar.

WhosOff features at a glance

  • Know who's off at the click of a button
  • Take the legwork out of checking holiday requests
  • Free up secretaries, and line managers time
  • Manage staff absences anywhere in the world, at anytime
  • Customise the application to work the way your company works
  • Create calendar feeds for staff to subscribe to via Google or Outlook
  • Control your own leave types
  • Process yearly carry overs (if applicable)
  • Export and download reports to .CSV format
  • Interface switcher - lets you decide which style you prefer your application

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23% reduction in sick leave

WhosOff has to date recorded more than 23.4 million sick records, helping companies monitor their sick leave with a view to reducing unnecessary sick days.

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14.3+ million holidays

With summer getaways most popular at this time of year, WhosOff has been integral to managing staff leave requests for businesses around the globe.

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1.12 million business decisions

With the flexibility of WhosOff, companies are tracking important meetings and out-of-office times through the application.

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