Quick Start Guide

Setting up your `Who`s Off` may seem a little bit of a daunting task, please don`t worry it`s quick and easy, in fact with this guide you can be setup in a matter of minutes!

Before you start we suggest you get together a list of all your staff members details i.e. Staff Codes (if required), Email Addresses,  Leave Entitlement and your companies Departments (You may not have any departments, however WhosOff requires at least one) and any Leave Types that you would like to track in the system.

Log in to WhosOff using your Username and Password , you must be a `Super User` to manage any settings within the system (if you were the person who registered WhosOff then you are the `Super User`)

In the menu bar , select/click the `Administration` tab .


Step 1 - Adding Departments

In Administration click `Manage Departments` (or just `Departments` if using the blue drop-down menu) this will take you to the Manage Departments screen.

On the right hand side of the page there is a section `New Department` . Under `Department Name` , select the text area and enter your department name, for example `Sales`

Confirm the input by pressing `Add Department` . 

Your department has been added to the list, on the left hand side of the page.

If you are a small company, it is not compulsory to complete the departments (however the system needs at least one Department).


Step 2 - Setting `Free` Days or `Restricted` Days

What are `Free` days or `Restricted` days?

A `Free Day` can be used for Bank Holidays, Seasonal Holidays and days that are National Holidays, these are days that are Not taken from the staff member`s allowance.

Whereas `Restricted Days` are exactly that. This is to block days that cannot be taken off at all i.e. Stock Take Days.

How do I do this? Simply click back into the Administration menu, under `Free / Restricted Days` select/click `Manage Free/Restricted Days` (or just `Free/Restricted Days` if using the blue drop-down menu).

On the right hand side of this page are two tabs, `Add` and `Import Public Holidays`. Click Import Public Holidays to setup the Bank/Public holidays quickly.

Then select the `Country` you want to import public holidays from, and then choose who the holidays `Apply To`, either All or Selected departments.

Below will appear a list of all the standard Public Holidays within the chosen country, click Add Date in line with each relevant holiday to your company.

If you cannot see a specific Bank / Public Holiday in the available list i.e. A regional holiday within your country. You can use the `Add` option to individually create a public holiday. 


Step 3 - Adding Leave Types

In WhosOff you can have as many different types of Leave and Absence as you need to. With each one being customisable to better suit how your Company works.

Back on the Administration interface, click `Manage Leave Types` (or just `Leave Types` if using the Blue drop-down).

This will bring you to the Company Leave types page, on the right hand side of the page click `Add New Leave Type`. 

This page allows you to create the Leave Type and customise the Permissions associated with the type of leave. For example, `Holiday` could have a code of `H`, the code is what is visible on the WhosOff Calendar.

You can then select whether this type of leave will `Require Approval` and whether the leave type will deduct from the staff `Allowance Time`.

From this screen you can also select how many `Consecutive Days` (days in a row, including non-working days / weekends), a staff member can book in one request.

From the list of `Permissions` you can select who the `Notes Visible To`, who the leave type is `Available To` and who it can be `Seen By`. These are set by User Level i.e. Staff, Approver and Super User.

Always remember to click `Save Changes`. 

Step 4- Adding Staff -  (Having done all the above , this next step will be very quick)

There are two ways to add staff into your WhosOff account.

Individually, using the `Add Staff Member` tab or (or easier) in Bulk, using the `Bulk Import Staff` spreadsheet.

By clicking into `Administration` and selecting `Bulk Import Staff` you will be able to download our import spreadsheet, using the `Available Here` link.

The spreadsheet can be populate in your own time with your staff information, just save it to your PC / Laptop.

We do advise that when filling in the spreadsheet not to change or add any of the columns on the spreadsheet, otherwise the system will reject the import.

On the Bulk Import Staff screen there is a list of information that is required to complete the form i.e. Staff Name, Email Address, Leave Entitlement(s), Approver etc. Once you have completed the spreadsheet and all of your staff members details are correct, you can click Choose File and Prepare Upload. 

The Spreadsheet details will then appear on the Right Hand side of the screen, allowing you to see if there are any issues with importing particular users onto the system. Any issues will be marked with a Red Cross, (this could be an email address being used more than once). The system will also advise who is okay to be imported by signalling a Green tick box.

When you have checked the list and are happy with it, you can then click `Import` at the very bottom of the list.

When adding staff individually, you only need to complete the fields marked with a Red Asterisk. These fields are First Name, Last Name, Username / Email Address, New Password* and Confirm New Password*. The Leave Entitlement fields can also be completed to allow staff to book their time off.

*Password Suggestion - When creating the staff records in either the spreadsheet or individually, give everyone a generic Password, for example password1, and ask the staff member to change it when they first log into the system.





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