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Manage your onboarding processes online using WhosOff

Streamline and speed up your employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding Software

Most recruitment activities focus on finding the right talent for your business. But your onboarding process is equally important. A flying start will help new hires to settle in quickly and add rapid value to your organisation.

The same value-building approach applies to new business software. The faster you can get team members confidently using new systems, the better your return on investment (ROI).

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WhosOff’s online leave management platform has been designed to drive improvement from day one. Our onboarding process is simple and intuitive – whether you’re launching the software for the first time or adding new employees as they come on board.

It takes less than two minutes to set someone up on WhosOff. You can even bulk import staff members’ details using our spreadsheet template, to save significant admin time.

Set your workforce up for success on WhosOff by:

  • Customising the WhosOff platform with your corporate branding, so employees recognise it’s an official workplace tool and feel comfortable using it
  • Setting each staff member’s user levels, so they can only access the features and functions that are relevant to their role
  • Sharing our ready-made quick user guides as reference tools to help teams use WhosOff correctly and confidently
  • Giving people access to the WhosOff mobile app so they can manage leave on the move – Android and iPhone versions available
  • Encouraging your employees to take advantage of our FREE telephone and email support service if they have any querie

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Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Q. What is employee onboarding?

A. Onboarding is the official term given to preparing new recruits for success at your company. Some tasks will take place before they start – such as setting up their computer and access to essential work software like WhosOff, and creating passwords and logins.

Other onboarding tasks will take place in their first few days and weeks with your company. For example, tours of the office or building in which they will be based, induction sessions with their teammates, managers and other members of the company, and getting their employee record populated with critical information like their emergency contact details.

There’s a lot to organise when someone starts a new job, which is why many companies choose employee onboarding software like WhosOff to streamline the process.

Q. Will employee onboarding software make the process quicker?

A. For most companies, the answer is yes! Digital HR software with employee onboarding tools make it easy to create templates and check lists for welcoming new recruits, so you don’t have to start from scratch when somebody joins the company.

It’s also easier to manage onboarding processes that involve other people in your company, as you can assign tasks to people using your HR software. For example, you can delegate setting up technology and passwords to your IT team, or put your new starter’s manager in charge of their first day induction sessions.

Q. Does a good employee onboarding programme drive long-term success?

A. There are many factors that influence whether someone thrives within your business, but a good employee onboarding programme will maximise their chances of getting up to full speed as quickly as possible.

Plus, with a platform like WhosOff, which integrates employee onboarding within wider HR software, you can put strategic follow-ups in place to make sure you’re checking in regularly with new recruits – such as scheduling appraisals and progress reports every 3-6 months.


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