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The Online Staff Leave Planner.

WhosOff, available online and mobile

WhosOff is the easy-to-use online staff holiday planner. Why not take a tour, or check out a complete list of features, or watch our intro video.

Approve leave requests in a couple of clicks. It’s so simple to use, you can be up and running in minutes!
Let us show you how easy it is, call us for a free demonstration on +44 (0)1227 812930.

Rated 5 stars
"We signed up to WhosOff over 10 years ago and have never looked back. I recommend it to absolutely everyone."

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WhosOff, available online and mobile

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See how WhosOff can help you

Watch our brief overview and learn how WhosOff can help with your leave management.

From getting your account set up to rolling out to your staff members, it's very simple to use!

Get your account today and have until Sunday, 26th May 2024 to try the full system, for Free!

Join the 650,000+ users that have already experienced easier leave management

We aim to provide you with the best staff holiday planner.
Don't take our word for it though, read through the testimonials from our customers, past and present.

Evoluted Case Study

"It’s the ideal solution for modernising staff leave management"

Sean Potter

FA Case Study

"We have found WhosOff.com to be excellent and a highly effective way of managing the leave for the World Cup bid team"

England World Cup Bid Team for 2018
Part of the FA Group

Wiggle Case Study

"It’s a great system to use – very user friendly – reports are easy to run."

Cheryl Simmonds

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Features of WhosOff that will help your business

WhosOff delivers a streamlined answer to the enduring problem of managing your staff leave, whether you're a two-man business or a global corporation.
Our work holiday planner allows businesses to manage leave without affecting employee productivity.

Get your account today and have until Sunday, 26th May 2024 to try the full system, for Free!

Free / Restricted Days

Block out days as Public/Bank Holidays, or days where staff members are restricted from booking any leave.

Leave types
Create your own custom leave types, choosing whether they require approval, affect allowance time, who they are available to and who can see them.
Overtime recording
Allow staff members to record any overtime they conduct and choose whether to give back time in lieu to increase their leave allowances.
Calendar feeds
Setup feeds for staff members, departments or the whole company to subscribe to using their Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendars.
Bulk Bookings
Bulk enter leave bookings for your staff members, handy for company days, christmas shut down
Corporate branding
Customise the look and feel of your account and emails and really make it yours.
On the go access
Take WhosOff with you on the move, our mobile apps are available to download so you can take your holiday tracker anywhere.

Rated 5 stars

"Our staff can access WhosOff via its mobile app, so they can update their movements even when they’re not physically in the office."

Rated 5 stars

"With WhosOff, people don’t have to wait until they’re in the office to submit their leave requests or follow up on the holiday bookings they’ve already made."

Rated 5 stars

"Excellent system which I have used it at two companies now. As soon as I started at my current company, this was one of the first systems I insisted on implementing"

Our staff leave planner will save you time, and money!

Think about how much time is taken filling out forms, checking calendars, checking leave entitlements and allowances and sending emails round the office to get a piece of leave approved. It all adds up, and time is money.

Check the cost of using our employee leave management software against the time that is really spent on this repetitive office task. If you do the numbers, there should be a saving!

Not least, it removes the hassle of who asked first, who thought they had one more day left, and who is already off next week!

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