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Leave Management Software

Coordinating employee holiday should be straightforward, but it's often very time consuming. Manual approval processes are slow and long-winded. It's hard to keep holiday spreadsheets up to date. And leave requests get lost in busy inboxes.

Say farewell to paper forms and long email chains; start managing your leave requests online through WhosOff.

WhosOff’s leave management system takes the hard work out of company holiday planning – starting with how your team requests annual leave. Use our cloud-based platform to:

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One central place for all leave requests

Manage and document all leave requests in one place, which your workforce can view and update at any time through the web

Central holiday calendar

Create a central holiday calendar so every team member can check who’s off before they make a holiday request – including via the WhosOff mobile app

Review and approve leave

Enable senior personnel to review/approve leave requests from multiple team members in one place

Staff access

Give each employee their own login so they can ask for time off online, check the status of their active requests, and manage upcoming leave bookings

Customise leave rules

Customise which staff members need to approve leave – for example, HR may sign off any booking, but managers only need to green-light requests from their direct reports

Create rules for leave

Create and enforce rules for approving leave to stop close colleagues from booking the same time off

Auto approve certain leave

Allow certain types of leave to be approved without sign-off – for example, staff may want to block time out for a doctor or dentist appointment

Automatically add to calendar

Automatically add approved leave to the central holiday calendar, for an accurate record of who’s off at any point in time

Managing annual leave online is a sustainable way to coordinate staff movements. It’s completely paper-free, and the slick approval process mean staff holiday requests are approved quicky, with no chasing needed.

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