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An easy-to-operate, fair system for booking and managing staff holiday

Put your annual leave policies into
practice with WhosOff

Companies run best when people know where they stand. Yet many companies don’t have staff holiday policies, or the frameworks you’ve put in place aren’t up-to-date. Confusion and lack of clarity can lead to costly mistakes – like two important team members booking the same time off.

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Introducing or improving your leave management policies will give your employees the time off they want without impacting productivity. You can also factor other types of leave into your policies, including time off in lieu (TOIL) and sickness.

It’s not just a good framework that helps you manage staff holiday, either. You need to put your policies into practice. And that’s where WhosOff’s online leave management system can deliver big improvements.

Our web-based leave management platform will enable your business to:

  • Enter holiday allowances for each member of staff to ensure team members do not exceed their limits.
  • Set and enforce rules around how many people can book the same time off, to avoid future calendar conflicts.
  • Create rules around carrying unused time to the next holiday year, rolling over any unused days off to people’s future leave entitlement.
  • Record sick leave and investigate any issues regarding absence due to illness.
  • Add extra days off to people’s holiday allowances – managerial benefits, for example.
  • Allow people to compliantly manage their holiday on the move via WhosOff mobile app – Android and iPhone versions available.

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Creating a holiday policy is the easiest way to standardise procedures, so everyone has the same (fair) framework for booking annual leave. And managing your team’s time off online ensures these policies are followed day in, day out.


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