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Instantly calculate staff holiday

Use WhosOff's free annual leave calculator below to check holiday entitlement for each member of your team

Rated 5 stars

"We signed up to WhosOff over 10 years ago and have never looked back. I recommend it to absolutely everyone."

Rated 5 stars

"It’s easy to pull the specific data I need for HR purposes and produce reports in WhosOff. We’re able to track patterns and better support people’s well-being."

Rated 5 stars

"It’s the ideal solution for modernising staff leave management."

Use our free calculator Start your FREE trial

Take your employee holiday calendar online for a better staff experience

Manage every type of leave in WhosOff

Quicker, simpler sign-offs

Manage all leave requests and approvals through one online system. No more paper forms or email chains!

Avoid calendar conflicts with WhosOff

Fewer calendar clashes

Create rules for who can be off at the same time, and alert staff when there’s a booking conflict.

No more chasing forms for approvals with WhosOff

Flexible leave policies

Tailor holiday entitlement for each team member and set policies for carrying leave over.

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Does your company need an annual leave planner?

Keeping track of staff holiday should be simple, but often it’s not. There are so many variables – and one mistake can lead to seriously unhappy employees!

WhosOff is the straightforward way to manage staff leave. Our online holiday planning software makes it easy to:

Calculate holiday allowances

Calculate holiday allowances

Know exactly how much leave everyone’s entitled to – full-time staff, part-time staff, mid-year starters and departing employees.

Track annual leave

Track annual leave

See how much holiday each person has used and make sure key people don’t take the same days off.

To get started, use the free annual leave calculator below to build holiday allowances for each person in your company.

Free annual leave calculator

Q. How many days per week does the staff member work?

Q. How many days does a full time member of staff work per week?

Q. What's the annual entitlement for a full time employee?

This figure can include Bank Holidays and national holidays, if you wish.

Q. Is this staff member starting part way through the year?
Q. What date are they starting?

Q. Is this staff member leaving part way through the year?
Q. What date are they leaving?

The holiday entitlement for the year is

32 days

This is only a guide, we recommend you carry out your own calculations according to the contractual laws within your own country/company.

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How does it work?

We’ve assumed you’re a UK company and your holiday year runs with the calendar year (starts 1st January 2024, ends 31st December 2024).

Each employee has a statutory minimum entitlement of 5.6 weeks, which works out as 28 days for a full-time team member working five days per week. This figure can include Bank Holidays and national holidays, if you wish.

Part-time employees are entitled to the same amount of holiday, but pro rata. Legally, this allowance must be rounded up (not down) to the nearest day – so someone working 3 days per week is entitled to 16.8 days’ holiday, rounded up to 17.

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