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Manage more of your team's data online with WhosOff's staff hub

From emergency contacts, custom personnel records and more.

Rated 5 stars
"We signed up to WhosOff over 10 years ago and have never looked back. I recommend it to absolutely everyone."
Rated 5 stars
"We signed up to WhosOff over 10 years ago and have never looked back. I recommend it to absolutely everyone."
Staff hub documents

Effective record management

Successful staff record management requires maintenance of accurate and well-organised employee records. Our staff hub allows you to maintain a professional repository of records, customised to suit your business requirements.


Keep track of those extra incentives you offer to your employees, from dental and healthcare, to pensions or cycle to work schemes.


Are skills and experience an important element within your recruitment and retention policies? Manage first aid, required licenses and more.

Reviews & appraisals

Regular, structured staff probation, reviews and evaluations can be planned and managed.

Human resources

Nobody likes to talk about it, but, it needs taking care of. From verbal, to written and final warnings.

and, whatever you can think of...

If there is a category of records you can think of, you have control to create your own, you're in charge!

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Document storage & management

Do you imagine a simple way of uploading your company handbooks and policies and making them available to your staff members?
How about uploading documents that you require some (or all) of your staff members to read?
Or, do you need the ability to upload a training certifcate against a member of staff and know when that certificate will expire?

All of this and more, will be available soon, we're currently working on our new document storage feature, check back soon for updates.

Personnel data

Contact details, employment information and more all in one convenient place. With Staff Hub you can store and manage your staff members basic personnel data - helping you keep track within WhosOff.

Privacy is everything when dealing with personnel data - that's why you can control exactly who can manage this data, from staff member to staff member.

Employment details

Keep track of staff employment details such as; job role, job title, employment start and end date, and employment type.

Diversity and inclusion

To help you ensure that you are meeting your requirements and improving your practices, use WhosOff to store your diversity information.

Personal information

A convenient area to manage staff personal information, allowing HR managers to easily store personal contact information for their staff.

Staff hub personnel data

Information at your fingertips

Have the power to control staff data and ensure it is accessable to only the right people.

Staff hub emergency contacts

Emergency contacts

Improve the visibilty and management of your staff members' emergency contacts and ensure the right people have access to view it.

Staff directory

No need to search around for emails and telephone numbers any more, as staff directory displays them in one easy-to-use report.

Features of our staff hub that will benefit your company

Check out all the features currently availible in the staff hub, with more to come soon!

Already using WhosOff? Login now to find out more about how staff hub can help your business.

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Staff directory
Staff directory has a new home in the staff hub - with all the flexibility of the new staff hub permissions. So if you need to enable or restrict this view on a per user basis, you can.
Emergency contacts

With the emergency contact area, staff members and managers can easily access all right data in one place. Add as many or as few contacts to each of your staff to ensure that you are storing the most relevant data and even allow users to input and manage their own.

Document storage COMING SOON
As we're working out the possibilities of what level of document storage we can offer, we can't share much here, but know this, when it's released it will have a great benefit to all of our user base.
Personnel details
Any array of personnel details can now be stored within your WhosOff account. With the new staff hub permissions area, the control is in the hands of only those you want to access it.
Staff records
Track and manage staff records; everything from company benefits such as healthcare, to health and safety training records and more. Whatever you classify as a record category can be tracked.
Tasks requiring your attention
Staff training expiring soon?, or employee dental benefit lapsed? No need to worry, as with WhosOff you can now track these records accurately.
Customised categories
We'll give you a helping hand with a few popular categories, such as Company Benefits, Training and Performance, but, with the control you can create whatever categorisation you prefer to manage your staff records with.
Permissions, managed your way
New area, new permissions. Control over your staff hub data by each area, for each staff member. For example, this gives you the control to nominate one or more users to be responsible for managing emergency contact but restrict those same users from viewing personnel data. This level of customisation will allow you to confidently manage staff information through the all new staff hub.
Dashboard widget
Include an overview of staff records requiring attention on your personal dashboard, delivered direct to your inbox daily.


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