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A smart solution for one office problem - Free

Monday, 11 Jun 2007

Business, particularly SMEs, are being inundated with promises from the likes of Google and Microsoft, of online delivered web applications.The current buzz words being 'Web 2.0' and 'Saas' (Software as a Service) and 'On demand'.

There are, of course, the many spreadsheet,word processing, personal calendar,Networking offerings but what real advantage do these online services have over our traditional desktop applications and how many business are really buying into this type of on-demand software?

I'm sure people running day to day businesses would n't mind getting a handle on what this whole 'Web 2.0' really means and how it can help their business in particular.One answer lies, for a lot of SMEs, in having one of their daily problems solved by one of these web 2.0 offerings.

www.WhosOff.com is an online workplace leave management service that makes organising time off easy. It is simple to use and solves an enduring office problem that every SME has.."who's off ?" And what's more the service is Free!

WhosOff.com is also a story of modest entrepreneurship - proving that you do not need to be in Silicon Valley or backed by millions in venture captial to get a project off the ground.

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Posted by Phil Cross

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