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Wednesday, 08 May 2024

Amazon gift vouchers worth up to £100

Companies love sharing their recommendation of WhosOff for staff leave management, it's been our most popular stream of new customers since, well, 20 years ago!

As a thank you to our loyal customers for recommending other businesses to WhosOff, we're offering Amazon gift cards up to the value of £100.

Find out how to easily recommend a business to WhosOff below and get earning!

What you'll get when you refer a business to WhosOff

Amazon gift cards will be supplied, with in values of £5, £10, £20, £50, £75 and £100. The value of the gift card you receive depends on two factors:

  • How many gift cards are distributed on the same day across the WhosOff network
  • and, how many companies you refer, that convert to a customer
What's the catch? There's always one...

Well...there is one...and it's only a small one! The company you refer has to become a paying customer of WhosOff, that's it, told you it was a small one. If they love WhosOff as much as you then you can probably start getting ready to spend your gift voucher!

How do I refer a business to WhosOff?

Use the referral form

Login to your WhosOff account, then visit the Administration dashboard where you will find a "Refer and earn" link. Click the link, fill in the form and sit back, we'll take care of the rest.

What happens next?

Once you've completed the form we'll send the company (and contact) an invitation to say you recommended WhosOff to them. They click the dedicated link and take a FREE trial, and fall in love with WhosOff.

How long do I have to wait?

As our long FREE trials run up to 8 weeks you may have to wait a maximum of 9-10 weeks to see if your referral has come through for you. But, if they like WhosOff and register payment early, we'll pay out just as early!

Not a WhosOff customer yet?

If you're not a WhosOff customer, you won't be able to refer other companies. However, if you're looking to manage your companies' leave, start your FREE WhosOff trial now and explore all the features of our platform, for up to eight weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Who can refer businesses to WhosOff?
To be able to make referrals you'll need to be an existing, paying, WhosOff customer. You will also need to be a Super User on your companies account.
How do I refer a business?
Simple; login to your WhosOff account, click on the Administration > Admin Dashboard from the left hand menu. On the resulting page (bottom right) you will see a Refer and Earn panel, click the link. From the resulting page, complete the form, done!
Is there a limit on how many companies I refer?
There is no limit. On the form you can supply up to ten contacts, but, you can always submit the form over and over again.
What happens when I submit the form?
The details you submit on the form are recorded for tracking of referrals, then, we send an email to each individual contact on the form informing them that you have recommended they use WhosOff for managing their staff leave. They have a dedicated link on their email to sign up to the FREE trial, which lasts up to 8 weeks (depending on when they sign up).
What value gift card will I get?
At the end of each month we will run our referral checks to see how many gift cards need generating. Depending on how many, along with how many referrals you provided, will dictate the value of your Amazon gift card.
When will I get my gift card?
From as little as 2 days, up to 10 weeks. This all depends on a) did the referred business like WhosOff, and b) when did/do they register their payment details.
How will I get my Amazon gift card?
Before payout, we will contact you to confirm the email address linked to your preferred Amazon account. We will then use this email address to raise a digital gift card.
How many referral payments can I get?
You will only get one (1) payment per paying customer, however, the number of customers you can refer is endless so you can receive further payments for each additional paying customer you refer.
Can I refer an individual?
Yes, but they probably won't benefit from managing their own staff leave with an online platform and are less likely to register payment in order to pay for a service such as WhosOff.
Can I refer a business that already uses WhosOff?
Unfortunately not; each referral supplied will be checked for existing accounts. Companies may only take one account with WhosOff.

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Posted by Tony Bushell

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