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Being second is no longer 'second best'

Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

Hi my name is 2 - You've probably heard of me, but not so long ago I used to be just another single digit, the second best, just number two, you would n't even have looked at me twice, am I right?

In the old days everybody just knew about number 1, wanted to be number one, the first, the one and only, the 'numero uno' and for me and the rest of the guys..well, we never got a look in...

How things have changed! - now its my turn - everybody's talking about me ! Number 2 ...ok...I've got 'point zero' tagging along but wow! its great ! Number 3 is soooo jealous - anyway I expect his turn will come.

But for now, its me in the spot-light 2.0 , I'm the belle of the ball 2.0, in fact anything 2.0 is the biggest, bestest thing...ever...

Just add me after any noun, yes any noun, and it'll be appearing all over the web 2.0 in a jumping-jack-flash 2.0 second... how about Pizza 2.0 ? or Drawing Pin 2.0 ? or even Teapot 2.0 ?...Sounds great doesn't it ?

Is it just a 2.0 buzzword or am I really going to be on top of the World 2.0 ? How long will it last and is number 3 coming over hill 2.0 ?

Watch this space 2.0

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Posted by Phil Cross

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