From script to screen in four weeks, WhosOff team produce a TV Advert

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016

At WhosOff we do like to challenge ourselves with something different every once in a while. This time was no exception, the plan: to script and produce a TV advert, ready for broadcasting on very well-known and used platforms (Going out to Sky first, let us know if you see it @WhosOff).

The team did an amazing job, working on the script and getting this approved, which was our first mini-challenge.

Transforming our meeting room into a sound-proof workable studio was our next task, then we realised how much the lighting would be affected and had to re-work our original lighting plans. It paid off, on our sound test the support team thought we were broadcasting live from a radio studio!

The making of...

From ironing the green screen, to rigging the meeting room with lighting and ensuring perfect technical sound on the mic, the team were all involved at different stages of the production.


The finished piece

After a few long weeks, lots of sweat and tears, but no blood thankfully!, our 30 second TV advert was complete ready for release, we hope you like the finished piece. All of this and we hadn`t bought in external contractors, production/media companies or had to disrupt the whole office whilst the production was completed.

We are very satisfied with the overall piece, we hope you like it too! Let us know your throughts @WhosOff

By Tony Bushell

Title: From script to screen in four weeks, WhosOff team produce a TV Advert
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