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Thursday, 15 Jun 2023

WhosOff newsletter sample

Whilst we finalise the content and structure of the first one, why not take a look at what the new WhosOff newsletter will consist of.

We aim to send out the first one in July 2023 and are starting with the view of sending out newsletters once a quarter.

As with anything related to WhosOff we will welcome feedback from our early adopters and will shape the newsletter over the first few rounds to suit the WhosOff community.

Newsletter structure

Depending on feedback received during the first couple of distributions we may amend the structure of the newsletter to suit our wider community, however, broadly .

Product updates: Lets us talk about the latest features and updates published to the live platform.

Forthcoming changes to WhosOff: Will give customers an insight on what to expect over the next quarter on the platform (according to customer feedback and our own plans).

Useful resources: Allows us to show off some of the existing features of WhosOff that you may not be aware of.

Top tips: Got a particular issue? Here we will explain a way around common problems businesses face throughout the year.

Industry trends: What's hot in the world of staff leave management.

Latest from the support desk: The most popular topics covered by our dedicated support team with customers since we last released a newsletter.

How do I join the mailing list?

That's the easy part. Simply, scroll down to the newsletter sign up form below and enter your email address. Then, watch out for the WhosOff newsletter in your Inbox.

WhosOff newsletter

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Posted by Tony Bushell

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