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Get your WhosOff account ready for 2023

Thursday, 24 Nov 2022

Get ready for 2023
Set allowances, bank holidays, and carryover

As we come towards the end of the calendar year, you may find yourself needing to manage some annual processes – setting up the next year’s paid leave allowances, bank holidays, and managing carryover. We’ve drawn up a quick plan to help you action this using WhosOff’s quick and easy tools.

  1. Next year allowances – to allow staff to book time off for next year, you will need to create their allowances. The Bulk Balance Administration page allows you to do this in a few quick steps, as outlined in the following help article: /support/knowledgebase/How-do-I-add-next-years-leave-allowance
  2. Public holidays – if your company does not work on National/Public Holidays, then you can easily import these into the system using our 'Import Public Holidays’ option. For guidance on how to add the free days please see the following article: /support/knowledgebase/How-do-I-stop-the-system-deducting-holiday-for-a-National-HolidayBank-Holiday-/
  3. Yearly carryover – after the holiday year has passed (i.e. from Jan 1st, if your holiday year starts in January), you can run WhosOff’s carryover tool to bring forward allowances from the previous year. For detailed instructions, please see: /support/knowledgebase/Yearly-Carry-Over

Please note: the remaining leave for 2022 can’t be used to book leave in 2023, but if you set up your staff members' standard 2023 allowance they can start to book from this amount – and when you run carryover later, this will ‘top up’ their balance, back to the correct value.

Need a little help?

If you need a helping hand, feel free to contact us and one of our support advisors will be more than happy to help.


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Posted by Callum Ellis

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