Hours are on their way...as well as a few more changes

Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010

Coming Very Soon...

For some time now, the team at WhosOff have been asked about the availability of managing time in hours instead of days (and half days), we can now say that it is coming, and fast.

We are in the final stages of testing this new feature to WhosOff, and over the next couple of weeks users will notice some subtle, and some major changes to the WhosOff system. For those team members who are assigned allowances in hours you will soon be able to set balances in hours, set the hours a staff member works per day, and even let them book the odd hour off.

This does not change the way in which leave requests are processed, you still have the opportunity to specify whether leave needs to be approved or not, and you can still accept

Historical Data: A small point to note is if you switch someone from being a "DAYS" person to an "HOURS" person, you will be asked to print off historical data for that staff member, this is because their record is wiped clean of any leave and allowances to date. A small price to pay for a big change.

Other changes on their way

We have been making some other minor changes (that will be published with the above updates), these include:

  • Calendar Feeds: Will now include the leave type as a category so you can assign category colouring in Outlook.
  • Leave Requests: On the pending leave requests screen, we will show you when a leave request has been put into the system, allowing you to work your way through requests in the order they were requested
  • Staff Leave: On the administration staff leave screen, we will show you when a leave request was approved and who by.

By WhosOff support team

Title: Hours are on their way...as well as a few more changes
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