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Hours launched!

Monday, 01 Nov 2010

Keeping to our ethos of reacting to our customers requirements , we enhanced the system to incorporate staff whose holiday/vacation is taken in hours into the ever growing WhosOff.com system enabling staff and administors alike to have more control over the time taken from work .

Whether staff book an hour or a day , the WhosOff.com system will apply the time taken from the annual leave allowance .  

Staff administrators can choose between staff who work in hours or those who work days ,  giving greater flexibility within the WhosOff system.

Whilst developing the hours feature to the system, we had suggestions from present users requesting minor changes to help them use their WhosOff.com system.

The development and support team working together, applied some of the changes to the hours update , the changes include....

  • Calendar Feeds: Will now include the leave as a category so you can assign category colouring in Outlook (for those who wish to integrate with Outlook)
  • Leave Requests: On the pending requests screen, the system will show you when the leave request has been submitted allowing the super user to prioritise leave requests. Column sorting has also been introduced into this screen.
  • Staff Leave: On the administration staff leave screen , the system will show you when a leave request was approved and by who.

 So , if you are looking to manage your staff in hours , WhosOff.com is ready and waiting . With the ability to add up to 20 leave types , set bank holidays by department for those companies who have overseas departments .

Managing staff leave in hours has never been easier.

Thank you to those companies who have suggested ,supported and assisted us in preparing the leave planner to incorporate vacation , staff holiday in hours  , which is now clear to see in a visual wall planner type display via the web.

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Posted by Phil Cross

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