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Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012

Imagine, you’re at home, in the evening  and the missus (or the mister)  is asking about your summer holiday. They’ve found a deal and want to know if you can take time off.

What do you do?  Easy, you go online, see Who’s off and put in a request. Your approver gets notified straight away, and, if they’re connected, they can approve your holiday online or via our Whosoff mobile App in minutes, or at the very least  you’ve got your holiday request in, and, because the Staff leave is transparent, you know it won’t be a problem.

Imagine you’re the person managing  the business staff leave and holidays. More than likely you are  in spreadsheet hell or Wall planner pain. Who’s off today?, tomorrow?, next week?, next year? It’s basically a form filling, time consuming, hassle fest, very often causing stress and upset all round.

Then you find – there’s a free long trial so you can try the system without obligation. You upload your staff, allocate leave entitlements and bingo...everybody’s dealing with holiday themselves.They request, it gets approved or declined, it gets logged. Boom! – no hassle, no arguments. The ‘Staff Holiday’ Spreadsheet forever consigned to the lesser reaches of your directory system. is a leading online Staff leave planner – it’s a great low cost tool for business – we’re helping SME’s across the  UK (and the World) manage staff leave and holiday via the web and mobile Apps. Nearly 40,000 active users use the service from  smaller business with less than 10 employees to blue chips with over 1000 staff members.

And why do businesses use ? Because it’s easy, efficient, cost effective and takes the hassle out of staff leave.

We are not like most web services. We like to think our service and support is second to none – more often than not we telephone people to help rather than exchanging emails. is that sort of customer focused business.

We ‘re not from Silicon Valley, or Silicon Roundabout – we are a self financed tech company from Canterbury, England  – making a success of B2B.



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Title: Imagine using
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