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New Updates

Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014

Continuing  to add great features to Whosoff.com, here are some updates that have been requested by our users

In Administration > Bulk Book Leave 

Bulk Book Staff Leave -   Easily add a customised schedule of leave per employee e.g. Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 3 weeks.

In Administration > Free/Restricted Days 

Public Holiday Lookup -  Get to see the public holidays that relate to your country. (But you need to check if relevant to your organisation!) .

In Adminsitration>Manage Staff

Staff links  - When you are editing a user, these extra links will help you easily navigate to other areas for the user.

In Administration>Bulk Change Approvers

Change By Department -  When you need to change an Approver across a whole Department. 

In Administration>Pending Leave Requests

Pending Requests - Approver  - Pending requests now show who the approver is.

In My OverTime

Submit Overtime - link to submit new overtime request.

In Whosoff

Display Times  - When viewing the calendar, the selected item now displays the time (if an "Hours" person) 

In Reports > Overtime

Summary Report  -  New option to have a summary report, or a breakdown report. 














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