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Take the hassle out of HR with our new module

Monday, 19 Nov 2018

Tracking staff leave is a complex and time-consuming part of running a business, but it’s not the only admin task that can weigh heavily on your workload. That’s why we’ve introduced a new HR module, making it much easier to manage your staff records.

We’ve listened to our clients’ needs when developing our HR module, which is available to all registered WhosOff users at no extra charge. Alongside managing holiday allocation, you can now monitor important aspects of employees’ professional life – from tracking entitlements and benefits, to recording their performance and automatically scheduling when their next appraisal is due.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of our new HR module...

Appraisals and performance

53% of employers do not actively track their employees’ performance according to Workforce Magazine data, yet staff who regularly communicate with their managers are three times more engaged than those that are left to their own devices.

The appraisals and performance feature within our new HR module will enable you to measure staff performance over time, monitor improvements and keep a record of any weaknesses that need to be addressed. Plus, the system allows you to set up specific types of document record – so your appraisal records will always take the same format.

With WhosOff, you can automatically set reminders for quarterly or annual appraisal dates, filtering out completed reviews to see exactly who is due for a formal analysis soon, or even whose appraisal is overdue. You can also set employee probation periods, and remind yourself when a review is due to assess their long-term suitability.

Additionally, you can attach meeting notes to each HR record, so it’s easy to look back through previous notes and judge whether that employee is developing their skillset and adding value to your business.

Training and certifications

With our training and certifications feature you can keep track of any professional learning that your employees undertake, including any awards they have received, to ensure you are making the best use of their skills.

Not only that, you can review the existing qualifications they have received and how long they are valid for, so you know exactly when time-sensitive credentials – such as health and safety certificates and first aid training – need to be renewed. This way, you can schedule relevant training and re-tests well in advance.

Company benefits and plans

Many businesses choose to offer staff ‘perks’ as part of their employment package, such as parking permits, private healthcare and access to the company pension scheme. However, not all employees will be entitled to every benefit available, while some may choose to decline or opt out of the incentives on offer to them.

Within the HR module is a company benefits and plans feature, which records exactly who is taking part in such schemes, and when their membership is due for renewal. You can also attach reference numbers to each HR record – which is particularly useful if you need to match an employee to their ID for an external healthcare or financial scheme.

Disciplinary records

Although we like to focus on the positive aspects of running a business, occasionally there will be situations in which an employee disciplinary process is required.

Our HR module centralises disciplinary records so that all incidents relating to your workforce are stored in a single format, attached to their record. Additionally, you can set action points with an in-system reminder customised alert function, reminding you to follow up after an appropriate amount of time and see if their behaviour or performance has improved.

Emeergency contacts

In addition to simplifying performance measurement, the HR module makes it easier to collect vital employee data like emergency contact details.

The names and telephone numbers and addresses of your team’s key support network can now be attached to the record of each worker, so HR staff or management will know exactly who to call in the event of an emergency. And to make it even easier for you, employees are able to log-in to their WhosOff account and update the information for themselves!

WhosOff authorised users can start using our new HR module now: visit our support centre for further information on the features we’ve discussed. You’ll find it in the HR section.

If you’re not currently using WhosOff and want to see how it tracks leave and creates HR records, start a free trial to test it out.

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Posted by Phil Cross

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