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UK Holidays 2025: Getting the most out of your annual leave

Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024

Looking to get the most from your annual leave in 2025? If so, we've put together a list of dates you may want to consider block-booking to maximise the most from your hard earnt time.

Following all of the options below will work out as 59 days off in consecutive days off including bank holidays and weekends.

There is one little detail we need to mention; this plan assumes you work Monday-to-Friday. Of course, if you work alternative patterns to this the plan below may still benefit you, have a scroll through!

January 2025

Public / Bank holidays

  • Wednesday January 1st - New Year's Day

When to book

  • Thursday January 2nd to Friday January 3rd (2 days)

Consecutive days you get

  • 5 days in total: Wednesday January 1st - Sunday January 5th

Handy tip: Book off the 30th & 31st December 2024 and you will get 9 consecutive days off. Super tip: Booking 23rd/24th & 27th December 2024 and you can maximise with 16 consecutive days off!!

March / April 2025

Public / Bank holidays

  • Friday April 18th - Good Friday
  • Monday 21st April - Easter Monday

When to book

  • Monday 14th April to Thursday 17th April (4 days)
  • Tuesday 22nd April to Friday 25th April (4 days)

Consecutive days you get

  • 16 days in total: Saturday 12th April - Sunday 27th April

May 2025

Public / Bank holidays

  • Monday 5th May - Early May Bank Holiday
  • Monday 26th May - Spring Bank Holiday

When to book

  • Tuesday 6th May to Friday 9th May (4 days)
  • Tuesday 27th May to Friday 30th May (4 days)

Consecutive days you get

  • 9 days in total: Saturday 3rd May - Monday 11th May
  • 9 days in total: Saturday 24th May - Sunday 12th June

August 2025

Public / Bank holidays

  • Monday 25th August

When to book

  • Tuesday 26th August to Friday 29th August (4 days)

Consecutive days you get

  • 9 days in total: Saturday 23rd August - Sunday 31st August

Try WhosOff for free to make lighter work of staff leave.

December 2025

Public / Bank holidays

  • Thursday 25th December (Christmas Day)

When to book

  • 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th & 31st December (6 days)

Consecutive days you get

  • 13 days in total: Saturday 20th December - Friday 2nd January 2026

Handy tip: Book 2nd January 2026 off and get a total of 16 consecutive days off.

Tracking leave with WhosOff

WhosOff allows companies to track the leave of your workforce, and is really simple at managing bank/public holidays using our import feature.

Whether you're using a leave planner or not, start your free WhosOff trial now and explore our software free of charge for up to eight weeks

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Photo by Nick Fewings of Pexels.com

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Posted by Tony Bushell

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