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WhosOff Hits ¼ Million Holiday Requests

Wednesday, 08 Oct 2008

WhosOff.com, the Free online staff holiday/vacation planner, recently 'processed' its 250,000th leave request.

Since its launch, less than 2 years ago, thousands of businesses and organisations have taken the opportunity to use WhosOff.com to manage their staff holiday/vacation and out of office times. Based in the quiet city of Canterbury, England - a world away from Silicon Valley - WhosOff.com is attracting users from over 75 countries around the world – an impressive start for an online service aimed at business users.

WhosOff.com allows staff to request holiday/vacation whilst applying simple initial controls, for example, checking the number of days a staff member has remaining or staff clashes, and can pass the logged request on by email for final approval by an appointed approver.

Project manager, Philip Cross said “Many companies have difficulty tracking staff holiday and WhosOff.com delivers an answer to this enduring problem for free. We have spent the last couple of years gathering feedback from our users helping us to keep the service simple yet providing great functionality”. In development from Whosoff.com is a paid-for ‘Premium’ service which is due to be launched in November 2008 . The premium version will provide users with added features and tools including integration with some desktop applications.

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Posted by Phil Cross

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WhosOff Today On Screen Report - Optimised for Speed!
WhosOff Today On Screen Report - Optimised for Speed!


Everyone's favourite report has been rewritten today to enable users with large staffing numbers to retrieve monthly views more quickly. Try it for yourself, login to your account and click on the WhosOff Today? link.

WhosOff Facelift Underway
WhosOff Facelift Underway


An new enhanced look and feel are being worked on at the WhosOff offices that will incorporate the new versions available to users of WhosOff. The new site will be ready and launched early February and will provide users with an insight to new features and services coming soon as well as providing a central discussion area for users to share their knowledge of WhosOff.

WhosOff in Development!
WhosOff in Development!


WhosOff has entered a new major development chapter. From early January 2008 developers of WhosOff will be embarking on a new major release that will incorporate SOAP API technology as its base and will also see WhosOff located on a new hosting platform. The hosting of WhosOff will see loads balanced across its newly commissioned servers and will provide a faster and more robust service to WhosOff premium users.


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