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WhosOff platform updates - June 2023

Friday, 23 Jun 2023

Welcome to our biggest update to the new version since release!

Leave rules, Single sign on, calendar downloads, API access and leave submission warnings, this new update is packed with features.

Still on the old version? Don't worry! Simply contact your account manager to see when you will be switched.

Changes overview

Our developers have been hard at work and with the help of our early adopters to the new WhosOff platform, we have been able to introduce some new features and redesign some much loved features from the old platform.

  • Leave rules (limits in the old version)
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Calendar downloads
  • Warnings on leave submissions
  • API Access (Coming soon)
  • Additional functions (copy function etc)

Leave rules

Formerly leave limits in our old version, Leave rules allows super users more control over how leave types are used. So, whether you are looking to limit sickness requests within the leave year or you want to set rules on working from home, leave rules makes it much simpler to manage, giving you back the control to administer your staff leave.

Looking to also set rules on a staff by staff basis? Leave rules allow for rule overrides for each staff member. This means, if you have a staff member that need to request more frequent sick leave or some managers may require more working from home days, WhosOff allows you the flexibility your company needs.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO) has finally come to WhosOff! Much anticipated by our existing customers, we will now be introducing SSO to the new version. Thanks to the new state of the art rebuild of our security protocols, WhosOff is not only more secure than ever, it has now allowed us to work with the top Identity Providers (IdP) on the market for their staff authentication. This will allow our customers greater control for password policies, forcing Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) through the IdP, restricting company leavers' access to WhosOff and improving simplicity for staff members when accessing company applications. 

Starting with OneLogin, we will be releasing more IdP's over the coming weeks and months, including: Azure, Auth0, Ping Identity and Okta. Keep an eye out for our blogs as each provider becomes available in WhosOff.   

If you are already using an IdP to manage your staff authentication, or if you'd like to find out more about how to improve management of access to your company applications, explore more on our dedicated integrations page to get started.

Calendar downloads

The community has spoken, and we've listened. Our fantastic early adopters missed our quick and simple calendar download tool so we've brought it back for all to enjoy. 

This latest update to the new version of WhosOff, will let any user easily and quickly download their newly approved leave into their personal calendar in one simple click. So just click the calendar button in My Leave and let the system do all the hard work in downloading the leave to your calendar application!

Warnings on leave submissions

Making transparent and concise decisions on staff leave can be difficult at the best of times. So, we are doing what we can to make it easier for our customers. 

Newly introduced Warnings on leave submissions means that super users with the power to override rules and restrictions can see the effects of approving restricted leave, before the leave is approved. Whether you are looking to grant extra sickness above the leave rule maximum or to override the minimum department staffing levels, you'll know the impact before confirming your decision.

API Access (Coming soon)

Want to integrate your leave data with your own systems? Watch this space. With the new version, comes a newer, larger and more flexible API. Over the course of the next few months our team are finalising a self-service API for all our paying customers to utilise, at no extra cost! 

Thanks to our new secure data platform, we can put the power back into the hands of our customers, providing read and write permissions within the API. So for our advanced customers wanting to make use of WhosOff leave management outside of our app, development along side the WhosOff API will improve the flexibility of your internal applications.

Additional functions

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact. So to make things a little easier, we've added a quick copy to clipboard button onto some often copied fields within the system. This sleek new button will hopefully take away the frustration of trying to precisely highlight and copy those commonly copied data.

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Posted by Knut Alvsvåg

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