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WhosOff platform updates - November 2023

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2023

Here at WhosOff we love hearing from you, our customers - after all it's what drives our thinking! Over the last couple of months, we have been making a lot (yes, a lot!) of improvements to the user experience. As well as these improvements we have also released the first part of our NEW "Staff Hub" module.

Check out the latest round of recently released updates below. Don't forget, if you have any suggestions drop our support team an email.

Changes overview

  • Onboarding - making it yours is even easier
  • Default sorting - set and save your favorite sort
  • More adaptive menu
  • Reports
  • Staff hub NEW
  • Enforced Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - through WhosOff or your Single Sign On provider
  • WhosOff API NEW
  • Minor tweaks

Onboarding - making it yours is now even easier

New to WhosOff? Customers will be all to aware we already have a setup page on opening a new WhosOff account whereby you can quickly add departments, leave types, bank holidays and users in just a few simple steps. We have now introduced a simple way of customising the WhosOff interface to feel like your own, simply select a primary colour and the system will be branded to match. On signing up to your long free trial, just follow the steps on screen and you'll be ready to make the most of the full system!

Default sorting - set and save your favorite sort

Set your favorite sorting option! Want to sort views by last name? Great, we've got you! Oh, want to sort by first name? Sure, we've got you there too! In this latest update users can now set a default sorting view (first/last name) to sort data - this can be set within their 'My Details' area. This will help set your account up to your localised standards, whilst also giving you the ability to change the sorting from the page you are on. Look out for some extra sorting options on pages with departments or leave requests to give you even more customised views.

More adaptive menu

Menu getting in the way of important data but still want quick access to the menu items? WhosOff will now allow you to unpin the left-hand menu so that it sits nicely out of the way until you need it. When you do, just hover over the icons on the left side of the screen and it's ready for you to use again.

November 2023 - New main menu


Company Log

The all new company log report has been introduced for Super Users to give them more transparency over account changes and updates. The new report will give you the power to know when Leave types; departments, users, and more, get updated. This way, you can query why your data looks and behaves as it does. Still unsure? Our support team will always be on hand to help you to utilise WhosOff.

WhosOff report

Further to our last update the new Bradford Factor guide, found in Leave by Allowance report, we have now added it to the WhosOff report too. If you'd like to check out our guidance Bradford factor figures for your staff, just select the leave type, turn on display Bradford factor, group by staff member and run your report.

WhosOff summary report

For companies making use of the popular "WhosOff summary" report you may be all too aware of the amount of data that is presented on screen across a whole years' worth of leave.

Updated scrolling on WhosOff Summary report

Previously we relied on users exporting the reports to XLSX or CSV and manipulating the view in your preferred spreadsheet software, however, following feedback we have updated this view to have two-way scrolling, allowing users to quickly access the information they are looking for without needing to export the data - but, you can still export it if you'd like.

Allowance report

The allowance report now includes carryover and lieu figures. To give you a more accurate view of your staff members allowances, the allowances report now breaks down the allowances into opening, remaining, carryover opening, carryover remaining. and lieu. This will allow you to understand exactly how much allowance a staff member has and how much has been used. Something look out of place? Why not use the allowance log report to check for any manual adjustments to the allowances!

WhosOff remembers

Running multiple reports for a particular department? WhosOff will remember the last run report in your current session and hold onto that as you head into different reports. A small thing to make your experience ever smoother.

New Staff Hub

Introducing Staff Hub, the new module within WhosOff - creating a new area for some, any or all of your staff members to view or edit select personal information. Want to use it as an admin tool only? As a Super User with Staff hub, you can set it up as a data storage tool that your users will never see. Enable the module within your account settings now to explore what Staff Hub can offer you.

PersonnelNew Personnel records within Staff hub

We helped you get more from your leave management processes, now let us do the same for some of your personnel information. We understand the importance of storing your personnel records but sometimes having quick access to record and update that information can save you valuable time. The personnel area within the Staff Hub will allow you to store some; personal contact information, employment details, diversity information and more. This will act as a convenient area for administrators to track and update this information. See the Permissions area below for more information on access and controls work.

Emergency ContactsAll new emergency contacts within Staff hub

Need a place to store emergency contacts that all your line managers can see? How about First Aiders that need access to colleagues' next of kin? The new emergency contacts area can allow you to store that information so that the right people can see it, but not all. With the new permissions area, Super Users with Staff hub can allow or restrict staff members ability to edit or add their own emergency contacts, saving line managers valuable time and administration.

Staff directoryEmergency contacts within Staff hub

The staff directory has a new home! The development of the new area has created a need to move the staff directory into the Staff Hub to give greater control over the visibility of this data. By moving it into the Staff Hub, this now makes it possible to either offer it to all users, specific users or hide it all together!

Permissions and accessNew permissions management area within Staff hub

With greater power, comes greater responsibility... With this, we understand that companies want greater control over access to certain data. As a result, we have carefully designed a new permissions area for the Staff Hub, to bring greater control to the Super users with Staff Hub access, that is still easy to understand. Access to each area is controlled separately and can be refined on a per staff member basis. So, for example, if you want Amy in manufacturing to only view their own emergency contacts but John from accounts to view their own departments staff directory, the new Staff Hub permissions area will allow you to set this up, regardless of their account user level.

More to come

The Staff Hub module is due to grow. Further development is currently ongoing to introduce more areas, so keep an eye out on our blogs page for the latest on Staff Hub and the rest of the WhosOff platform.

Enforced Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - through WhosOff or your Single Sign On provider

Since releasing the new platform, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) has been widely adopted by our customers. We are now pleased to offer account Super Users the ability to turn on Forced MFA. Within the company settings, account Super Users are able to specify that all users must use MFA to secure their accounts. As a result, companies are able to meet their data security requirements for WhosOff natively on our Platform. Need to know who has MFA turned on? Check out the staff directory report as it will now show super users which staff members have MFA turned on and if they use email or an authenticator app. Already use Single Sign On through one of our supported Identity Providers? Set them up on WhosOff to manage your enforced MFA through them.

For more information on Single Sign On (SSO), click here!

New WhosOff API

More data, more power, more control. If you are looking to integrate your internal systems with WhosOff, now you can with our new API. We have worked hard to allow our customers more control over their data and now with our new architecture we are able to do just that! Take a look at our dedicated API page for more information and documentation on how you can make the most of your WhosOff account.

Dedicated API - check out the new features here!

Minor tweaks

Manually adding or editing a staff members allowance? A handy reminder to update the remaining allowance, in line with an opening adjustment, now appears in all areas that allow for it. Therefore, you will now also find it within 'Add user' and 'Edit user' - this can be found through manage staff in the administration area.

Reporting on multiple leave types? The multi-select dropdown option in leave and overtime reports now includes a clear selected option and a cancel option to make it easier to navigate.

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