WhosOff to release new HR module

Wednesday, 01 Aug 2018

Following the call from our customers over the past 6 to 18 months we have been working hard to introduce the first release of a HR module within WhosOff. As the final testing takes place during the end of July and into the first weeks of August we wanted to share with you the new feature and show off a couple of screenshots of what customers can expect.

New WhosOff HR module


Our biggest challenge with any new feature is to keep the simple interface that WhosOff has centered around for a decade. With this in mind, there will be four categories to the new module, "Appraisals/Performance", "Training / Certs.", "Company Benefits / Plans" and "Disciplinary".

Administrators will be able to add their own record types within these categories with the system, including details of when to flag HR records as DUE/EXPIRING and OVERDUE/EXPIRED.

From staff probation periods, to quarterly reviews, certifications and company benefit schemes, HR administrators will have the functionality to record vital information regarding their staff.

We have also introduced Emergency contacts alongside the HR module to allow administrators to record vital contact information for their employees.

What`s not included? Will it be included?

As with all areas of WhosOff, the platform is being developed on a continuous cycle according to both our customers` needs, as well as changes within industry practices.

Within the first release of our new module, we do not allow for custom document storage. We hope the taster of our new HR module will allow customers to provide feedback to the team and form part of its development pathway.

What cost implications are there?

That`s simple, there are NO additional costs for the HR module within WhosOff.


With our other major release, branding, customers will be able to customise the look and feel of the HR area to match their corporate branding.

How to get your hands on the new HR module?

The new module will be introduced in August 2018. To be the first to hear about the new HR functionality, drop an email to support@whosoff.com and we will add you to our notification list when the feature is available.

By Tony Bushell

Title: WhosOff to release new HR module
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