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Often, staff go above and beyond what’s required of them to drive company success. You want to make sure that effort is rewarded – either through paid overtime or time off in lieu (TOIL). But how are you tracking those hours?

The most successful overtime schemes keep a close eye on who’s working, when. Too many extra shifts and your key personnel become tired and unproductive. Too few, and people may think you’re favouring other team members.

To allocate overtime fairly and avoid employee burnout, your business needs an efficient system in place. WhosOff is a digital leave management platform with built-in features for recording overtime and managing TOIL.

Our software can:

One central place for all overtime management

Log every hour of overtime your team works in a central, online location – including on the move via the WhosOff mobile app

TOIL tracking

Help you offer TOIL as an alternative to paid overtime, by logging extra shifts worked alongside paid holiday

Run reports

Run regular overtime reports to align staff hours with payroll and allocate additional opportunities fairly, based on who has completed the most/least overtime

Check schedules

Allow team leaders and managers to check upcoming schedules and holiday bookings online, to identify staffing shortages ahead of time

Check TOIL levels

Check who is and isn’t using their TOIL to make sure everyone has taken their hours by the end of the holiday year

Running an overtime programme is a practical way to make sure staff absences don’t slow your company down. However, too much overtime will impact your bottom line.

WhosOff allows you to strike the right balance, while make sure additional shifts are reflected in staff wages or their time off allocation.

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