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Manage educational staff leave with WhosOff

Track your entire team’s holiday online

When it comes to educational staff planning, hours and hours go into painstakingly mapping out academic timetables. But what about non-academic staff? How are you managing their movements?

WhosOff, available online and mobile

Employee Leave Management Software for Educational Teams

The performance of operational and admin personnel is pivotal to success. How an educational institution runs everything from marketing and pastoral care to catering, groundskeeping and cleaning affects its reputation. But many of these people don’t work to the same holiday schedule as teaching staff.

WhosOff’s education leave management platform empowers schools, colleges, universities and specialist training centres to coordinate staff holiday effectively. Delivering A-grade facilities and support services that help your students thrive.

The perfect holiday planning tool for use in education

Restaurant staffing can be complex to manage at the best of times. WhosOff makes sure that holiday management doesn’t add more complication.

Managing staff leave is no easy task when you’ve got team members on multiple different contract types. But with WhosOff, you can easily coordinate everyone’s time off in one place – whether they’re full-time, part-time or term time only. And display it on the same online holiday calendar.

WhosOff’s online leave management system is ideal for education institutions because it’s flexible enough to work for each team member – regardless of their role – while still providing structure. For example, you can block out days on which staff can’t take time off, such as training days and important academic events. You can also limit how many people in the same team can be off at the same time.

By digitizing your holiday calendar, the approval process also becomes much simpler. Staff members can check their leave allowance and who else has time off before making a request, and alerts are sent to managerial staff whenever a holiday submission needs approval.

WhosOff is very simple to use, so users can get up-and-running in minutes. There’s also a choice between web-based log-in or the WhosOff mobile app.

Request leave from your mobile phone

Easy leave request management

Leave Types

Centralise leave requests

Give every person in your institution the same process for requesting time off, to make leave management simpler.

Free Restricted Days

Prevent calendar clashes

Set rules on how many people can book the same time off to avoid under-staffing across all departments.


Limit leave in peak periods

Restrict holiday requests at important times, such as inset days and academic events, so you’re not short-staffed.


Set holiday by contract type

Create the right framework for every staff member, according to their contract type – for example, blocking out school or university holidays for everyone working term time only.

Bulk Leave

Calculate carryover

Set staff leave entitlements year-by-year and create policies for how much time can be carried over to the next holiday year (if any).


Rapid onboarding process

Get every staff member using WhosOff from day one with our simple onboarding system and intuitive user interface.

Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Q. Why is leave management important?

A. If your institution isn’t managing annual leave properly, it can cause all sorts of problems. For example, the process of staff members of requesting time off, getting approval and recording it takes up far too much time – getting in the way of higher value tasks.

Failing to record leave accurately can also result in errors occurring. For instance, staff may take more time off than their total holiday occasion, or two key team members may book the same week off, leaving you short staffed. That’s why so many education companies and academic institutions choose to log all staff absences through leave management software like WhosOff.

Q. Can we produce reports on the type of leave?

A. Yes, you can. In fact, WhosOff encourages our users to make the most of the data being tracked through our leave management system.

By managing all your staff movements in one place, you can identify key trends and use factual insights to shape your holiday policies. And you can share data with department heads and your senior leadership team, so they can see how successfully each department is functioning.

Q. Can we restrict leave on certain days?

A. Yes. Some educational institutions like to make sure all staff members will be around for inset days and training days, or to attend important school events. Employees may even be restricted from taking time off during the academic term.

You can also put restrictions in place between team members, to stop two people booking the same time off. This way, core services outside of teaching – such as facilities management, groundskeeping, cleaning, catering and security – are never interrupted by staff holiday. Visit our policies and restrictions page to find out more.

Q. Can we customise leave types?

A. If you’re using WhosOff, yes! Our team of technical experts will help you set up your leave management system in the best-fit way for your organisation – including adding in any custom leave types that your employees may choose to take. You can also organise multiple leave types through one holiday calendar, such as staff on full-time, part-time and term time hours.


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