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WhosOff, available online and mobile

Hoteliers: manage staff leave seamlessly with WhosOff

WhosOff, available online and mobile

Track holiday bookings online to keep your business running smoothly.

Running a hotel is a 24/7 operation – and the best way to stop staff from burning out is encouraging them to take regular breaks. But giving staff the time off they deserve without disrupting daily business is easier said than done.

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Leave Management Software for Hotel Teams

WhosOff’s leave management system takes the pain out of holiday planning for hoteliers. Use our online software to track how much time off staff are entitled to, approve holiday requests and see at-a-glance who’s booked annual leave.

Best of all, it’s accessible via web portal or mobile app – so your team can manage their annual leave allowance on-the-move.

Leave management software for hotels Photo by Andrea Piacquadio [Pexels.com]

The ideal holiday planner for hotels

WhosOff is ideal for hospitality companies, as our online holiday planner can be tailored to your exact requirements. Whether that’s setting rules around who can be off and when, or gifting staff extra leave as thanks for their long service.

Got a busy period coming up? Restrict how many people can take holiday during that time, so you don’t suddenly find yourselves under staff.

Staff never in the same place at the same time? Allow them to monitor their own holiday allowance in real-time, and view the online holiday calendar to see who’s booked time off.

Managers drowning in admin? WhosOff stores all active holiday requests in one place, so there’s no need to keep track of paperwork and long email trails to review leave requests.

Every feature on the WhosOff platform is designed to make hotel staff management simpler

Easy leave request management

Leave Types

Centralise leave requests

Give every person in your business the same process for requesting time off, to make leave management simpler for all staff members and their managers.

Free Restricted Days

Stop calendar clashes

Set limits around who can book the same time off to avoid a particular hotel or department being under-staffed.


Set rules for peak periods

Restrict leave allowances during busy periods to avoid managers getting tied-up with turning down requests.


Track staff overtime

Keep track of who’s working extra hours and give staff the option to accrue time off in lieu (TOIL) to use at quieter times.

Bulk Leave

Manage carryover

Calculate staff leave entitlement year-by-year and set policies around how much leave can be carried over.


Rapid onboarding process

Get every staff member using WhosOff from day one in your business with our simple onboarding system and intuitive user interface.

Manage leave on the move with the WhosOff mobile app

Hotel teams are never still – which is why paper and spreadsheet holiday calendars aren’t fit for purpose.

The WhosOff mobile app makes it easy for both employees and managers to coordinate holiday requests in any location, on-the-go. Our smartphone app is available for Android and iOS.

WhosOff available on the iPhone App Store WhosOff available on Android Marketplace

WhosOff is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones

Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Q. Why is leave management important?

A. If your company isn’t managing annual leave properly, it can cause all sorts of problems. For example, the process of staff members of requesting time off, getting approval and recording it takes up far too much time – getting in the way of higher value tasks.

Failing to record leave accurately can also result in errors occurring. For instance, staff may take more time off than their total holiday occasion, or two key team members may book the same week off, leaving you short staffed. That’s why so many hoteliers choose to log all staff absences through leave management software like WhosOff.

Q. Can we produce reports on the type of leave?

A. Yes, you can – in fact, WhosOff encourages our users to make the most of the data being tracked through our leave management system.

By managing all your staff movements in one place, you can identify key trends and use factual insights to shape your company holiday policies. And you can share data with senior leaders, so they can see the impact of everything from paid time off to the amount of overtime completed by each department or individual employee.

Q. Can we restrict leave on certain days?

A. Yes. some hotel businesses prefer to block out peak trading periods like the summer or manage certain days of the year differently – Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, for example.

You can also put restrictions in place between team members, to stop two key people booking the same time off. Visit our policies and restrictions page to find out more.

Q. Can we customise leave types?

A. If you’re using WhosOff, yes! Our team of technical experts will help you set up your leave management system in the best-fit way for your business – including adding in any custom leave types that your employees may choose to take.


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