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Requesting & Approving leave

Your staff can submit leave requests via their mobile phone or PC. Line managers are then presented with the information required to make an informed decision based on how your account is setup for you.

Some leave can be set to be automatically approved, and you can even allow staff to report other teams members away from the office, on sick leave for example.

Request leave from your mobile phone

Report sick leave

You can setup your own leave type for Sick Leave, allow staff members to report another staff member off (up to 1 day max) and set who can see this leave type.

Gentle reminders

Super Users are able to send gentle reminders to line managers that have not yet handled leave requests.

Expired leave

Pending leave requests that have passed are marked as expired with options to remove or approve the request.

Pending leave
Leave request email

Auto approvals

You can setup your own leave type for Sick Leave, allow staff members to report another staff member off (up to 1 day max) and set who can see this leave type.


Process pending leave requests with an informative decision making process.

Additional notifiers

As well as an approver, each staff member can be set to have two additional notifiers to receive notifications when requests are submitted and approved/declined.

Submit overtime via the mobile apps

Requesting overtime

Your staff can record overtime they have completed through the mobile apps, or via their PC. Overtime requests are then submitted to their line manager for approval.

Overtime can be managed from within the PC app, or via your phone using one of our dedicated mobile apps.

Overtime management

Custom overtime types

Setup your own overtime types to suit your business requirements, from extra working time, to double time, weekends and extra cover.

Give back time in lieu

Allow your staff members to request time back in lieu for the extra time they have worked.

Seeing WhosOff

See the users in your department, the whole company, for this month, last month or any month since you started using WhosOff, you can even look at next years leave.

See WhosOff through the mobile apps

Overtime management

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Bulk processes

Use our bulk process tools to onboard and manage your staff members with ease. From bulk user uploads, to bulk leave bookings and allowance adjustments.


Bulk staff import

Using an excel based template (downloaded from the site) enter your staff details offline and when you are ready, upload them into the WhosOff system also if you wish, sending each staff a welcome message to the system.

Bulk leave booking tool

Bulk leave bookings

Book either half or a whole day for one or more departments within your company using our bulk leave tool. Useful for company wide holidays such as Christmas day, or days where the office will be closed for training for example.

Bulk allowance adjustment tool

Bulk allowance adjustments

A quick way to start new year allowances. This feature allows you to either copy the opening balance from this year to next years opening and remaining or set all opening and remaining balances to a single value by department.

Bulk change approvers

Bulk change approvers / departments

Added someone to the wrong department, or even to the wrong approver? Don't panic, you can quickly update multiple users' departments or approvers within the system using our handy tools.

Yearly carryover tool

Yearly carryover

If your company allows staff to carry leave allowances from one year to the next, WhosOff will help running the carryover process to ensure staff entitlements are managed according to your policies.

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HR Essentials

Deprecated feature

This feature has now been deprecated from WhosOff and is no longer available

Please speak with one of our advisors if HR is a feature you are looking for, as we have another platform (WhosOffice) which may suit.

From staff probation periods, to quarterly reviews, certifications and company benefit schemes, HR administrators will have the functionality to record vital information regarding their staff.

Record vital role based information against staff members, including:
Date of birth, Job title, Who they report to, A description of their job role

HR Essentials - Dashboard view


Emergency contacts

Part of the HR Essentials module allows you to enter emergency contacts for staff members, or, have staff record this information on their account using the self-service area.

Appraisals & Performance reviews

Record when categorised reviews are due to be carried out for staff members, and the system will flag any due or overdue reviews that are pending further action.

Training & Certificates

Record any certificates achieved by your staff members, from First Aiders to Driving Licenses and more.

Company Benefits

Record and manage any company benefits or schemes your staff members are enrolled into, from Company Car Schemes to Health, Pension and Dental benefits.

Disciplinary records

Track several disciplinary based records, including verbal and written warnings. Supply a follow up date and the system will flag this information to you when required.


There are many reports available, including WhosOff analysis reports, staff contact directories, Bradford Factor reports and a limit based report.

A wide range of reports available in WhosOff

Yearly breakdown (summary)

Yearly breakdown summary report

A yearly report detailing staff members' leave numbers broken down by leave type.

Yearly breakdown (detailed)

Yearly breakdown detailed report

A breakdown of selected staff (or all) members' leave for a date range, grouped in leave type and date range order.

Staff yearly calendar

Staff yearly leave calendar

Produce a month by month overview for a staff member across a selected company year.

Report downloads

Report downloads to CSV

Need to extract and use the data from WhosOff? Well, in certain reports you have the option to export the data to .csv for your convenience.

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Once logged into your account you will be presented with an overview of your leave status, as well as an overview of anyone that has leave registered for today.

Each user is also presented with their next 7 days as a calendar view.

Super Users / Approvers

Outstanding leave requests, who's off at a glance and instant access to important information, all available on the dashboard.

User dashboard view


WhosOff allows you to integrate your account data into other business systems used by your organisation, from calendar feed subscriptions to direct data access via our API.

Calendar feeds can be setup to mirror your departments, rules around leave type visibility and user level access.

Google Calendars

Google Calendar

Automatically add any data from your WhosOff account into Google Calendars.

Google Calendars


View important leave data in Outlook without having to login to your WhosOff account.

Google Calendars


Integrate your WhosOff account data into any one of your own systems using our API.

Making it yours

One of the problems companies face is making their staff members feel comfortable with any new system.

With WhosOff, you are able to apply custom branding to your account to make WhosOff look and feel like one of your own internal products, even better, branding is FREE to all accounts.

Online / Mobile / Email

Any custom branding applied through your account is applied to both the web and mobile applications, as well as any emails that are sent to your team.

Custom branding for your company

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