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Managing movements in a people-based business: Redstone Search Group’s story

Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020

Keeping track of staff movements is critical in any company, but for serviced-based businesses it’s particularly important. Clients and customers want to know they can contact the relevant people whenever they need support – and this is only possible if you know who’s in, and who’s off.

Redstone Search Group faced this exact challenge as it grew its industry-specialist recruitment agency into a global operation. Spreadsheets weren’t up to scratch, so the company turned to WhosOff leave management software to improve its coordination capabilities.

We needed a system that would be easy-to-use and speed up the approval process.Jordan Lewis, Director, Redstone Search Group

Our team was able to get Redstone up and running on WhosOff in just two weeks, channelling all holiday requests online to reduce approval times and cut down on admin.

As our system is fully digital, all Redstone staff can now check their leave entitlement online, view the status of requests, and also make sure that colleagues have not booked time off before requesting certain dates.

Redstone Search Group can add other types of leave to the system as well, including TOIL, sickness and external meetings, for accurate decision-making over whether staff can take annual leave without compromising client service levels.

We probably save a few hours a week, just from having greater visibility over what team members are doing.

As all leave management activity is channelled through the WhosOff platform, we’ve eliminated the potential for manual errors. This means Redstone Search Group can give its team greater autonomy to plan leave, while maintaining the accuracy of its holiday calendar.

Our staff can access WhosOff via its mobile app, so they can update their movements even when they’re not physically in the office. WhosOff is so much better than recording holiday on a spreadsheet.

Read Redstone Search Group’s full story to discover more ways that moving to WhosOff is benefitting their business.

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Posted by Tony Bushell

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