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Instant leave and overtime management

Solving the problem of staff leave, efficiently & in your way

Used by over 700,000 users worldwide

Manage policies such as staff to staff restrictions

Reduce the overhead time and money spent on managing leave

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Rated 5 stars

"We have found WhosOff.com to be excellent and a highly effective way of managing the leave for the World Cup bid team"

Rated 5 stars

"If you’re thinking of moving to an online holiday planner, I’d advise you to do it sooner rather than later!"

Rated 5 stars

"It’s easy to pull the specific data I need for HR purposes and produce reports in WhosOff. We’re able to track patterns and better support people’s well-being."

Create your own leave types within WhosOff

Leave requests

Ensure you have the right people available through your busy periods by placing constraints on particular events with our "Restricted" days feature.

  • Create your own custom leave types, choosing whether they require approval, affect allowance time, who they are available to and who can see them.
  • You can setup your own leave type for Sick Leave, allow staff members to report another staff member off (up to 1 day max) and set who can see this leave type.
  • Block out days as Public/Bank Holidays, or days where staff members are restricted from booking any leave.
  • Bulk enter leave bookings for your staff members, handy for company days, christmas shut down
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Policies & Restrictions

Make your team adhere to your rules by implementing restrictions within WhosOff's leave management software, from minimum department levels to staff v staff blocks.

  • Setup restrictions between staff members where by a member of staff cannot clash leave with another member of staff.
  • If your company allows staff members to carry leave from one year to the next, there are procedures to handle how much leave staff members can carry and also a yearly carryover tool to help handle the carryover process
More on policies and restrictions
Leave policies and restrictions, tailored to suit your organisation

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Customisable overtime types within WhosOff


Allow staff members to record any overtime they conduct and choose whether to give back time in lieu to increase their leave allowances.

  • Custom overtime types to suit your business requirements
  • Extensive overtime reporting to satisfy payroll
  • Record overtime on behalf of your staff members using the administration area
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We are so sure that WhosOff's leave management software is easy to use, we are confident that all of your staff will love it.

  • Be up and running in 2 minutes
  • Use our bulk import spreadsheet to upload your staff
  • Quick user guides available
  • User level based downloads available
  • Join one of our weekly live training sessions
  • Corporate branding can be applied to the WhosOff interface making the application seem like it's part of your businesses infrastructure
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Setting up your account is easy with our wizard

Staff hub

Maintain accurate staff records with our "add-on" staff hub feature.

Staff hub emergency contacts
  • Create your own categories of records and documents.
  • Control who has access to, and what level with staff hub settings.
  • Allow staff to record their own emergency contacts.
  • Maintain staff benefits, qualifications, reviews and more.
  • Build employee profiles with our personnel area, from employment details, to diversity, inclusion and personal info.
  • Let WhosOff keep you updated on records requiring attention, drawing attention to those expiring soon, or even those that have already expired.
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First class support

At WhosOff (unlike some of our competitors) we do not hide the costs of our service, what you see is what you pay.

  • Free telephone and email support
  • No long term contracts or commitments
  • No obligation, FREE long trial period
  • No downloads or installations to get started
  • Extensive knowledgebase available
  • Access anytime, anywhere 24/7
Case Studies

Effective holiday management

We are so sure that WhosOff's leave management software is easy to use, we are confident that all of your staff will love it.

  • Avoid calendar clashes
  • Set rules for leave
  • Log all requests centrally
  • Reward staff with long service bonus holidays
  • Enforce company policies
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WhosOff is available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones


Manage your leave on the go with Android and iPhone apps

Connecting to your WhosOff account 24/7 is available with the iPhone and Android apps.

All smartphone apps are FREE to download and make managing your staff leave and out-of-office times on the move very simple and easy.

If you are browsing using your smartphone, simply click on the relevant app store link below to be taken to the download for your device.

WhosOff available on the iPhone App Store WhosOff available on Android Marketplace


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