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Changing approvers in bulk


Super users can quickly change the approver for multiple staff, or a whole department using the bulk options.
Sometimes a line manager leaves, or is away for an extended period of time and you need to change the approver for a team or even a whole department. Using the Bulk set approver page, will make that change simple for you. To access this;
  • Click on Administration located on the left hand menu
  • Click Admin Dashboard which leads you to the administration page
  • Click on Set approvers / notifiers, under the Bulk section
  • On the resulting page, you can use the drop-down list provided under the title to select either an Approver or a Department
  • Then click Search
  • This presents a list of the employees whom the current approver approves or from the selected department
  • You’ll then want to set the new approver. Use the Set option dropdown on the right to either change the approver 2nd notifier 3rd notifier
  • Once selected, draw your attention to Set to - select a name from the drop down whom you would like to be the new approver / 2nd notifier / 3rd notifier.
  • Click Set option
  • Click Save changes.
You can also use the dropdowns in the middle of the screen to manually select new approvers / 2nd notifiers / 3rd notifiers. Remember to save any changes once you are happy with the selection.

Bulk Options
change approver
bulk update
new line manager
set new approver
approver away
swap approver
Super Users

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