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Deprecated feature

This feature has now been deprecated from WhosOff and is no longer available, to new customers.

Please speak with one of our advisors if HR is a feature you are looking for, as we have another platform (WhosOffice) which may suit.

Creating New Document Types

Using Document Types in WhosOff offers you the chance to record specific information,  relevant to your company, against a staff members HR Profile. For example Staff Quarterly Reviews, Pension Schemes etc. These document types can be assigned to one of the 4 HR Categories within the system.

  • Appraisals / Performance
  • Company Benefits / Plans
  • Disciplinary
  • Training / Certs. 

Whilst creating a Document Type you also have the oppurtunity to dictate how many days action is required. 

For example, an Annual Review might have 30 Days action required, therefore the system will warn you within 30 Days of the Due date that the review is Due, prompting you on the HR Dashboard.

To setup a document type you can do the following;

  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • Using the HR menu click Document Types
  • On the right hand side use the Create New Type form as per the example below;
  1. Catergory Type - Appraisals / Performance
  2. Name - Yearly Review
  3. x Days Action - 30 

For information on assigning Document Types to individual staff members, you can follow any of the below links.

Company Benefits / Plans
Appraisals / Performance
Training / Certs.




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