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Super Users can set next year’s leave for staff at any time during the current year, the quickest/easiest way to add the leave is using the Bulk Leave Balance Administration feature. 

This tool allows you to either copy the opening balance from this year to next year’s opening and remaining or set all opening and remaining balances to a single value by department. 

You may after or instead of, manually change any values as you wish by typing directly into the staff members balances fields. This tool can also be used to set up This Year's Opening and Remaining Balances by manually increasing / applying them where necessary. 

To access the Bulk Leave Balance Administration tool you can;

  • Go to the Administration drop down menu
  • Click on Bulk Balance Administration.

Once on the Bulk Balance Administration page select the department you wish to set staff allowances for and choose one of two links at the bottom of the page below to allocate the leave.  

  • 1. Prep with this years - Will assign the same values used for this year’s opening allowance to next year’s opening and remaining allowances (not including any carryover from last year).
  • 2. Prep with a value - Will assign a single value to all visible staff for next year’s opening and remaining allowances.

Clicking these buttons will not save the new balances immediately, you have the opportunity to check the staff balances and adjust these if necessary. 

If you adjust a balance, make sure you make the same change to the user’s Opening and Remaining balance. Once you are happy with the balances that have been entered, click Save Changes at the bottom.

If you need to set the balances for multiple departments, select a different department using the dropdown at the top and repeat the above process.

Please note: that the Prep with this Years / with a Value options can only be used when all visible staff have 0 in both the Opening and Remaining Balances for Next Year.

** Do not add any rollover /carry over values at this point, we have a separate feature to do this for you see article /support/knowledgebase/Yearly-Carry-Over **




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How do I add allowances in bulk?

If you need to add allowances for all staff at once, or update their balance (for example to give everyone an extra day), then you can use the bulk balance administration page.


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