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How to view / print staff leave records

There are various reports available that will allow you to get your staff leave data out of the system, the best Report to run on a Yearly basis would be the Yearly Breakdown report, To View or Print your staff leave records using this report you can.

  • Sign In to WhosOff.com
  • Click Reports
  • Under the Yearly Breakdown Reportcomplete the drop-down selections as required, for example;
  1. Year - This Year
  2. View Type - Breakdown
  3. View - On Screen
  4. Report For - Company
  • The Run Report button will now be available, click Run Report. 

This will allow you to print a report containing leave requests and allowances for a specific Year. But, if you wanted a report to cover a wider date range then you can use the WhosOff Report.

  • Still on the Reports menu
  • Under the WhosOff Report, complete the drop-down selections as required, for example;
  1.  Leave type - All Leave Types (or a Selected Leave Type)
  2. Date Range - Select Date Range
  3. From - 1st January 2016
  4. To - 31st December 2017
  5. View - On Screen or Export to .CSV
  6. Report For - Company
  7. Group by Staff Member - Tick (This may make it easier to read, this will group all leave together by each person)
  8. Selected Range Date Only - Tick (This will only show you leave within the chosen date range)
  • The Run Report button will now be available, click Run Report.

The staff leave records will now be displayed and if you wish to print the report click the Print This Report link.

Feel free to explore the other available reports. 


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