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The calendar feeds are only available if your Super User allows access to your company's calendar feeds. 

How to integrate the WhosOff calendar.

Login to your WhosOff Account

  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • Click Tools
  • In Tools View > Under Available feeds > RIGHT click on the feed link > Click:
  1. On Chrome click Copy Link Address
  2. On Microsoft Edge click Copy Link
  3. On Firefox click Copy Link Location
  4. Using Safari select Copy link

Now you may want to Note Down / Paste the link into a Notepad.

In the properties popup window take a note of the ‘Address(URL)’ or keep the window open . The URL should be ‘webcal://feeds.staff.whosoff.com/' plus a long number

On the iPhone – We strongly recommend that the device uses the WiFi facility when setting up the calendar subscription service.

  • Touch Settings
  • In the Setting view > Touch ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • In the Mail, Contacts, Calendars view > Touch ‘Add Account ...’
  • In the Add Account > Touch ‘Other
  • In the Other View > Touch ‘Add Subscribed Calendar
  • A new view will appear requesting Server .. enter the Address URL from the WhosOff (webcal://feeds.staff.whosoff.com/ + the long number) 
  • Touch Done and the device will check that the link is valid . If it is successful the subscription view will appear.
  • At this point you may change the description to something more meaningful ie WhosOff Calendar – To do this touch the Description row and you will then be able to edit.
  • Touch ‘SAVE’ and the calendar has been added to the device.

Check your calendar subscription has been successfully uploaded. On the iPhone touch Calendar. When the Calendar has loaded , touch ‘Calendars’ in the top left hand corner and a new row should appear ‘Subscribed’ and a new calendar name. Ensure the row is ticked and touch done. The calendar will now show your companies staff leave.

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