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Within WhosOff, staff can record their allowance in either Days or Hours. Only a Super User may switch staff from days to hours.

As switching a staff member's allowance type will remove any leave and overtime data it is advisable to print a report of the staff member's leave and overtime presently entered onto WhosOff.

To switch a user from days to hours;

  • Sign in as a Super User.
  • Click the 'Administration' tab
  • Under 'Staff Administration', click 'Manage Staff Members'
  • If necessary, select the department or tag of the staff member(s) you wish to switch.
  • Click the name or click 'Edit' in line with the staff member you wish to switch to display their details.
  • Under 'Leave Entitlement' , click 'HOURS' from the drop down list selector. This will blank the 'Opening balance' boxes ready for the new Hours allowance to be inserted.
  • Complete the Remaining and Opening balances for This Year and Next Year in hours.
  • Then under 'Working Days / Hours' complete the staff member's working hours per day (this is the number of hours that will be deducted if they book that day off).
  • Click 'Save Changes'.
  • An orange warning panel will appear informing you that changes will be made to the staff member's record and a record of their leave and overtime records should be run prior to changing from days to hours. If you have not aleady done this, then click the links supplied .
  • If you wish to continue click the tickbox in the panel and click 'Save Changes' .
Example: Phil has a yearly leave allowance of 200 hours. He works for 8 hours on a Mon/Tue//Fri & 4 hours on a Wed/Thu. The Super User completes his record like so...





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