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Deprecated feature

This feature has now been deprecated from WhosOff and is no longer available, to new customers.

Please speak with one of our advisors if HR is a feature you are looking for, as we have another platform (WhosOffice) which may suit.


 Managing your Company Benefits / Plans

Within the HR Module you can record which company plans your staff have applied to them, such as Pension Schemes. Or you might supply your staff with particular benefits such as Parking Permits or Fuel Cards. To access and view any already existing records you can do the following.

  • Login to your WhosOff Account
  • Using the HR Menu click HR Dashboard
  • Under the Company Benefits / Plans section click Manage Company Benefits / Plans. 

Within this section you can filter through what's currently Active, Expired or Expiring soon as well as everything that has already been Completed.
From here you can also add new HR Records to your staff members.

  •  Within the Company Benefits / Plans overview click Add HR Record
  • Then select the member of Staff
  • Next choose the Discipline (Company Benefits / Plans) as well as the Type i.e. Parking Permit.
  • Now choose a Start Date and an End Date.
  • The Reference or Doc. Reference could refer to something that easily identifies this record, or could relate to the employee such as their Staff Code or Dental Voucher number. 

Once all of the above information has been entered you can then enter any Notes or a brief Description or the HR Record which will be recorded for information purposes.

hr-add-benefit.jpgScreenshot: Adding a benefits record




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