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Using categories in WhosOff offers you the chance to filter specific information, relevant to your company/staff members into easier to manage "folders", allowing you to create a digital filing cabinet for important staff information, for example Quarterly Reviews, Pension Schemes, First Aid Certifications.

Initially, there will be 4 parent categories setup in Staff Hub, but you can add more parent categories, or even sub categories if required.

  • Appraisals / Performance
  • Company Benefits / Plans
  • Disciplinary
  • Training / Certs.

Whilst the above are the default Parent Categories you can edit or delete them as well as add additional Parent Categories if needed. You can then create Sub Categories to be attributed to a parent i.e. Quarterly Reviews might come under the parent category "Appraisals / Performance".

To add additional categories you can;

  • Click on Staff Hub on the Left Hand menu
  • Click on Staff Hub Settings
  • On the resulting page click on Category Management
  • From here, you will see any existing categories in your Staff Hub module
  • Click on Add Category at the bottom of the list
  • The right hand panel will then become available where you can enter the new category details, as per the example below;
    • Staff Hub Feature - Records
    • Parent Category - Select where this "sub category" belongs, if you want to create a new Parent Category, select this option as None
    • Name - Enter the name of the category
    • Action Days - This dictates how long users have to take action on any records created for this category i.e. you might want someone to complete a training course 30 days before the due date of the record, ensuring enough time is given before their current certification expires. 
  • Then click Save.
Categories are used in connection with Records, for more information on creating and managing records, feel free to take a look at our Staff Hub - Records article. 


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