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After being a FREE service for over 3 years, from the 1st December 2009 WhosOff now only operates a Premium Edition.

What about a FREE Trial?

To enable companies to evaluate WhosOff we offer a free trial of the full the system, the length of the FREE trial is calculated at 1 month plus the rest of the month you sign up in for FREE.


Web / Online


Account / Billing


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One of my people has left, what shall I do?

If a user on your WhosOff account leaves your company, a super user can either deactivate, or delete them.

How to enter card details (collected monthly online by card)

WhosOff is paid monthly online by credit or debit card, super users can enter new card details (or update the existing ones) by logging in.

How to print invoices

Super users can extract their monthly WhosOff invoices from within their WhosOff account.

How to enter card payment details for monthly payments

As WhosOff is an online service, monthly payments are taken via credit card using our preferred payment partner Global Payments. We do not store any card details.


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