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HR support is critical to employee wellbeing and helping people’s career progression. But building a happy workforce involves a lot of effort behind the scenes.

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Whether your company has a dedicated HR person, or you’ve rolled HR into a multi-skilled role, digital tools can make the job a lot simpler.

With an online HR system, you can record vital employee information in one easy-to-access location, while tracking the value each team member brings to your business. You can also put performance structures in place that increase people’s productivity, reduce staff turnover and keep recruitment costs to a minimum.

WhosOff is best known as online software for coordinating staff holiday – but did you know we also help companies to manage essential HR tasks?

HR management is a natural next step for the WhosOff platform, as coordinating the holiday calendar is a key human resource responsibility. In addition to online leave bookings, you can now also use our system to:

Centralise employee data

Centralise important employee data such as their date of birth and emergency contact details

Schedule appraisals

Schedule staff appraisals and performance reviews, recording notes from each session to promote professional development

Track employee involvement

Track employee involvement in cultural initiatives such as wellbeing workshops, skills development sessions and team building exercises

Training and certificates

Log employee training and certifications to help you identify key skills – for example, which team members are qualified first aiders

Share company policies

Fulfil company policies relating to annual leave, perks and benefits

Disciplinary management

Manage disciplinary events to validate further action and provide evidence for termination of employment

Custom branding for your company

Online HR management allows you to spend less time on admin tasks and more time getting the best out of every person in your team. And key personnel can be given access to WhosOff’s HR features, so you can ‘divide and conquer’ essential tasks between you.

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