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How do I add a booking in the past as a Super User?


You may only add 'past' leave if you are a 'Super User'

You may only add past leave bookings if you are a 'Super User'. Please contact your 'Super User' for help.

'Super User' - To add leave (sick , holiday , un-paid ,etc etc) for a date that has already past, Click on the 'Administration' option on the right hand side on the menu bar (if you cannot see the 'Administration' option , then you are not a 'Super User')

Please note when using the administration area all restrictions are NOT applied, however holiday/vacation bookings will reduce/increase a staff members allowance accordingly 
i.e  You may book more leave than the staff member has allowance for, sending them to a negative balance.

  • After signing in click the 'Administration' interface.
  • Click 'Manage Staff Members' (On the left hand side of the screen). You will get a display, listing all of the staff members ( if not, select 'All Departments' using the 'Select Departments' drop down option on the right hand side of your page.)
  • Find the staff member you wish to add the leave to , and select 'Leave' (located on the right hand side of the screen in line with them).

Tip : To help select the staff member use the 'Select Departments' drop down (situated on the right) to filter the records .

A new interface is displayed , showing all the leave given to the staff member.

  • In the bottom right hand corner shows a section 'Add New Leave for... ' + your staff members name.
  • Select the Leave Type from the drop down box.
  • Enter the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' or the 'Start Date' and 'Number of Days' the staff member has already had.
  • Press 'Check Details' .
  • You may now add Notes if required i.e doctors note received.
  • Then press 'Confirm Request'

The system will now process the request and add the leave to the staff members record whilst also making any possible allowance deductions (if the Leave Type deducts from allowance).

This facility may also be used by the 'Super User' to book any Leave for any Staff Member .

At the end of each Leave Request there is a 'Cancel' option . If this option is selected the relevant leave request will be removed and any leave allowance returned to that staff member (if the leave type affected the allowance).





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