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Some companies mandate that certain company days off must must come out of staff members' allowances, this is most commonly seen with Christmas closure but can affect other times of year as well. In these cases, you may want to create a leave type specifically to track the mandatory days off, as this has two benefits over simply booking it as 'Holiday / Vacation'.

First,  these days will be visually distinct on the calendar, ensuring staff are clear on why the day has been booked off. And second, you can implement a 'cancellation period' which will prevent staff from canceling these days and using that portion of their allowance to book different dates off.

To create a new leave type;

  • Go to the Administration dropdown
  • Click Leave Types
  • At the top right of the page, click Add New Leave Type 
  • Enter the relevant details, the below is an example
    • Type Name - Christmas Shutdown
    • Code - CH
    • Allowance Time - ticked (so that it deducts from allowance)
    • Available to - Super Users (to restrict this as an 'admin function')
    • Seen by - All Users
  • The other settings are optional, and won't affect this particular example but can be set to your preference. Once you have chosen, click Save Details.
  • Then click the Restrictions, Limits & Levels tab on the left
  • Enter 365 in the Cancellation period field, and click Save restrictions
  • Finally, we would suggest clicking the Email settings tab on the left and turning all the 'Email on...' dropdowns to None, so that when this leave type is booked it appears on the calendar without staff and approvers receiving an email notification for each day. 
For help with booking in your new leave type, see our article on the Bulk Book Leave tool.




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