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If you have been given the appropriate access rights to the Emergency Contacts section of Staff Hub you may be able to setup and maintain your staff members' Emergency Contact information.

  • Click on Staff Hub on the Left Hand menu
  • Click on Emergency Contacts 

On the resulting page you will see a list of staff members. You can then use the search filter options at the top of the page, to adjust which staff members are shown.

In line with each staff member, you will see an Add option. Clicking on this option will allow you to add an Emergency Contact for that staff member made up of the below information, if they already have one, you can Edit / Delete the details as required - this will be via the Right Hand panel.

  • Name
  • Relationship
  • Telephone Work
  • Telephone Mobile
  • Telephone Home




Version 4


Staff hub


emergency, contact, HR, information, next of kin

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