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Sometimes companies offer incentivised leave opportunities to their staff to celebrate certain events throughout the year such as having your Birthday off, or even your Work Anniversary.

Whilst it's not possible to automatically show these events on the WhosOff calendar, the flexibility the system offers will allow you to manage these events seamlessly using the Leave Types tool.

First, you're going to want to create a new type of leave specific to the occurrence you are managing;

  • Click on Administration on the left hand menu
  • Click on Leave types
  • Then click on Add New Leave Type
  • From the resulting page, you'll need to enter the required details for this type of leave, per the example below;
    • Name - Birthday Leave
    • Code - B
    • Colour - Choose the desired colour
    • Status - Active
    • Confirmation Message - Optional, this allows you to display a specific message to the staff member, anytime a leave request is submitted with this leave type
    • Requires Approval? - Yes
    • Deduct Allowance Time? - No
    • Can this leave type only be used to book hours? - No
    • Max. Consecutive Days - 1
    • Notes required on request? - No
    • Notes Visible to - All Staff
    • Available to - All Staff (but if you didn't want staff to request this for themselves, you can choose a different permission)
    • Seen By - All Staff
  • Then click on Create New.

You can then inform staff that they are able to use this new type of leave to manage their "Birthday Leave" or a more specific leave occurrence.

You might also want to setup a Rule on the number of days this leave type can be booked for in a leave year, for more information on how to do this you can view our "Setting Up Leave Rules" article.

Don't forget, this isn't necessarily applicable to all companies, but acts as a useful tool for managing those instances of leave that are separate from the standard Holiday/Annual Leave.


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