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Once the structure of your WhosOff account (departments, staff, public holidays, leave types etc.) is set up, you will want to give staff access to WhosOff – this may be just a small group at first, or it may be the whole company.

You can send a welcome message that generates a new password for staff and gives them their login details, and forces them to create their own password when they first log in. To send the welcome messages in bulk;

 Go to the Administration dropdown

Click Company Details

Click the Send welcome messages tab

Choose a department from the 'Select department' dropdown 

On the left, untick anyone from that department who doesn’t need a welcome message

Finally, click Generate & Send and then click OK in the resulting dialogue box to send the welcome messages out.

Below is an example of what a WhosOff welcome message looks like. This can’t be customised. 



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