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As each year passes in WhosOff there are a few things to remember to setup that will enable your staff to book leave for the New Year. As the Super User you can quickly and easily setup Allowances, Bank Holidays and also process Carryover (if applicable) in 3 simple processes.

Setting up Allowances / Entitlements for the Next Holiday Year

Using the Bulk Leave Balance Administration tool you can setup your staff leave entitlement for Next Year but also for This Year (if you are just starting out). To do this;

  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click Administration
  • Select Bulk Leave Balance Administration
  • Then tick the Show All tick box.
  • By Department, you can then populate the Opening and Remaining Balance fields for Next Year, but also This Year (if needed).
  • For Next Year allowances, you can click Prep. with This Years to copy This Year's allowances over to Next Year's, or Prep. with a Value to enter a set value to Next Years allowance.
  • Always click Save Changes before moving on to the next Department.

This will allow your staff members to book their required time off for Next Year. 

Do not include any Carryover in your staff entitlements for This Year, there is a separate process below that will help process any carryover days.

Importing your Bank / Public Holidays

In WhosOff there is a quick and easy way to import your country specific Bank or Public Holidays into the system as Free Days, this means that when your staff book time off on or across any one of these days, no allowance will be deducted. To do this;

  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click Administration
  • Click Manage Free / Restricted Days
  • On the right hand side of the page click Import Public Holidays
  • Then select the required Country i.e. United Kingdom
  • Now, choose which Departments these Apply To either All Departments or Selected Departments (for example you might have different departments setup as Countries or Part-Time / Full-Time 
  • The next step is to click Add Date in line with each relevant Public Holiday to your company, using the list below.

These will then appear on the Calendar as an indicating a Free Day. 

Please bare in mind that if any user has already booked leave for the new holiday year, the system will not automatically take into account Free Days you have entered after. You will need to do the following to ensure they are correctly accounted for.

  • Click Administration
  • Click Manage Staff Members
  • In line with the staff members name click Leave
  • Use the drop-down box at the top of the page and select Next Year
  • Then in line with any requests covering a Bank/Public Holiday click Edit, followed by Check Changes and finally Confirm Changes. 
This process will force the system to re-calculate the leave request and therefore take into account the Free Days entered. 

Processing the Yearly Carryover

Sometimes companies will allow their staff members to carryover any unused time off into the New Year up to a maximum number of days. If this applies to your company, you can only process this in the first month of your new holiday year.

Before running this process, always ensure that all Pending Leave has been actioned for the previous year as well as all leave has been entered into the system to get the correct remaining balances for the previous year, you may wish to run a Report to help with this.

To run this process you would first need to establish the maximum number of days your staff are allowed to  Carryover;

  • Login to your WhosOff account
  • Click Administration
  • Click Company Details
  • Then select the WhosOff Setup Tab
  • Under the Restrictions heading you can enter the Max Carryover amount.
  • Then Click Save Settings.
  • If you have a mix of Days or Hours staff, run the Carryover separately for Days and Hours.

Then to run the Carryover process;

  • Click the Administration tab
  • Click Yearly Carryover
  • In the Yearly carryover page, the page will display the staff within each Department, but you can use the Department drop-down box to view other Departments or All Departments at once. You will also see their Remaining Allowance from Last Year and the possible carry over amount*. 
  • You may select staff individually by Ticking each Include tick box in line with each staff member, or by using the Mark All button at the bottom of the page you can select everyone in the list. 
  • Before you are able to process any Carryover for your staff members, you are asked to confirm that you are happy to proceed to carryover the allowances you see on screen, and that you understand the process is not reversible.
  • Once you are happy with your selection, click Process Carryover. A dialogue box will then appear on screen, click OK to complete the process.
  • If you have only selected certain staff to receive carryover set at the current carryover amount, you are able to revise the Max Carryover amount and then deal with any staff members who are left and need to carryover a different amount or different Allowance Type. This process can be repeated for different staff with different amounts, but can only be run once for each staff member.

**Please Note: This tool should only be used in the first calendar month of your company year. This process is not reversible**



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