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Basically: None.

WhosOff does not require personal details to be registered for any staff members on the system. As long as you have a process of recognising each staff member within the system, either by a special name or a staff code then you can keep all personal details out of the system. Normally the actual staff members first name, surname and email address are sufficient.

You have the choice to record first name, surname and contact details if you wish, or you could use nicknames/staff codes to identify staff members. 

Account Login

Individual email addresses are required as they are used as 'User Names' within WhosOff, this means that if you require your staff members to login and submit their own leave requests they will be required to be setup with a username (which is usually their email address). This same username- email address is used when confirmation of leave requests/approvals are sent from within WhosOff to the Staff Members/Approvers. The login password must be at least 4 digits.

Tips for creating a secure password:

  • Include punctuation and/or numbers
  • Mix capital and lowercase letters
  • Include similar looking substitutions, such as the number zero for the letter 'O' or $ for the letter 'S'.

Data Security

All data is held in a secure data centre and data is encrypted between the browser and the web servers via Transport Layer Security (TLS1.2 Protocol), as identified by the padlock symbol when logged in.

WhosOff.com is committed to data protection.




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How do I edit my details?

Follow these instructions to update your personal/login details when using any of the WhosOff mobile applications.


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